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2019-01 The Function of Leadership and Collective Action: a Case Study of the Promotion of Natural Agriculture in Wufeng District, Taichung City, Taiwan conference (127)
2015-08 台灣宜蘭縣三星鄉行健村以集體行動促進有機農業發展之初探 conference (803)
2009-07 Natural Farming and the Development of Indigenous Community – A Case Study in Shi-Lei Community, Jianshih Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan conference
2009-07 流域治理與土地倫理-以石門水庫集水區上游為例 conference
2009-01 Self-governing Indigenous Common Pool Resources-A Case of Forest protection and Eco-tourismDevelopment at Cinsibu Atayal Tribes inTaiwan conference
2009-01 An Analysis on the NIMBY Conflict of Locating Funerary Facilities- Based on the Viewpoint of Transaction Costs theory conference
2008-08 台灣非都市土地開發許可制下保育區劃設課題與對策之研析 conference
2008-05 原住民地區發展生態旅遊問題與對策之探析~以新竹縣尖石鄉馬里光部落群個案為例」 conference
2008-01 老人住宅社區規劃原則納入台灣開發許可審議機制之研究 conference
2007-11 農地多功能使用管理機制及配套措施之探討~以誘因機制為中心 conference
2007-10 Study on the Influence of Han People’s Capital and Technology to Indigenous Communities conference
2007-10 Environmental Conservation, Identity Politics and the Semiotic Power of Language: A Case Study of the Homeland Restoration Project in Taiwan conference
2007-06 荷治時期台灣土地倫理之初探—以赤崁一帶原住民土地利用與地權形態變遷為例 conference
2007-06 原住民地區共用資源自主治理之研究—以馬里克灣的護漁行動為例 conference
2007-06 獎懲誘因機制應用於台灣農地管理方案之探討 conference
2007-06 荷蘭辦理農村土地重劃之概要及其啟示 conference
2007-06 我國集村興建農舍制度之研究—以新竹個案為例 conference
2007-05 原住民地區共用資源之自主治理-以新光、鎮西堡部落的資源保育利用與觀光發展為例 conference
2006-09 新國土計畫體系下農業發展地區管理組織之研究 conference
2006-09 石門水庫上游集水區保育的生態政治初探-以環境論述與原住民部落的關係為中心 conference
2006-06 台灣農地管理誘因機制之研究 conference
2005-11 Re-imaging the Nature: A Critical Review of the Transiting Human-River Relationship in Maliqwan River Valley conference
2005-09 原住民族土地資源之自主治理研究—以苗栗縣南庄鄉蓬萊溪封溪護魚為例 conference
2005-07 從策略性規劃觀點論原住民地區之特定區域計畫 conference
2005-06 農企業法人承受耕地問題與對策之探討 conference