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2014-12 戰後臺灣的環境治理進路:一個生態現代化視角的考察 article (260)
2007-11 立法院認為是命令變更法律—耕者有其田政策法律效力之探討 conference (765)
2007-10 Typhoon, Stony Debris Flow and Local Community Actions in Taiwan conference
2007-06 被操弄的農戶「分類」—以台灣土地改革為例 conference
2006-10 悲慘的共有出租耕地業主 conference
2006-10 微型農地綜合利用規劃之研究 conference
2006-09 農地保有合理化事業在台灣實踐之研究--以雲林縣斗南鎮為例 conference
2006-07 Privatization, Partnership Planning and the Exclusion of Citizens-Role of the Third Sector to Take in Taiwan conference
2006-06 典範轉移下的農地利用規劃:現代與後現代規劃理論整合的嘗試 conference
2005-07 New Social Movement Non-profit Organizations and the Emergence of Community in Taiwan conference
2005-05 環境衝突與規劃治理—以核四電力設施選址為例 conference
2005-04 Greening an Asian Dragon: Reflections on Taiwan's Prospects for Local Sustainable Development conference
2005-01 Critical Issues of Brownfields Redevelopment in Taiwan conference
2004-12 政府轉型與企業的道德責任 conference
2004-12 褐地政策之比較研究-美國及台灣經驗的審視 conference
2004-11 Authoritarian Land Use Planning and the Unsustainable Community—The Case of Kung-Liao Township and Nuclear Power Plant conference
2004-09 連結褐地問題及土地利用規劃-美國經驗的審視 conference
2004-06 Linking Land Use and Brownfields Redevelopment-Comparative Study of Brownfields Policy conference
2004-06 Privatization and Its Overestimation of Public Interest conference
2003-05 住民投票與土地使用計劃變更之研究 conference (791)
2002 土地倫理與地方認同 conference
2002 非營利組織與空間規劃之研究-尋找一個社會問題解決的座標 conference
2001 戰後初期臺灣業佃關係之探討 conference
2001 Constructing the RCA Toxic Museum conference
2000 Sustainable Development and Land Development Institutions conference