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99 公開教學評量結果對學生的選課行為以及分數膨脹之影響(II) report (769)
2020-09 課程網站、成績預警與學習成效 report (22)
2020-07 Do Cooperative Based Learning Groups Help Students Learn Microeconomics? article (7)
2020-01 Flipped classroom teaching in microeconomics recitation sessions conference (11)
2019-08 翻轉教室教學與學生課業表現之關聯性:個體經濟學課程之應用 report (22)
2018-01 Awareness of Tobacco Tax Policy and Public Opinion on Tobacco Tax Reform in Taiwan conference (1778)
2016-11 The Benefit of Providing Face-to-Face Lectures in Online Learning Microeconomics Courses: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Experiment article (178)
2016 Workforce Development for Older Workers in Taiwan article (714)
2015-11 Study Habits and Examination Performance in an Online Learning Microeconomics Course article (334)
2015 Effect of Peer Attendance on College Students’ Learning Outcomes in a Microeconomics Course article (685)
2015 上課出席、同儕效果與課業表現 report (149)
2014.10 Are There Long-Term Effects on Wages When Graduating in A Bad Economy in Taiwan? article (1026)
2014.09 Effect of Physician Gender on Demand for Pap Tests article (627)
2014.06 中國大陸產業升級對廠商薪資外溢效果之影響 article (991)
2014-06 中國大陸產業升級對廠商薪資外溢效果之影響 article (648)
2013.12 Determinants of Labor Force Participation of Older Married Men in Taiwan article (977)
2013-10 遠距教學、學習型態、同儕效果、以及課業表現 report (185)
2012-09 Phased Retirement for Older Workers in Taiwan article (912)
2011-05 Reply: Does Downloading PowerPoint Slides Before the Lecture Lead to Better Student Achievement? article (100)
2009-08 公開教學評量結果對學生的選課行為以及分數膨脹之影響 report (1066)
2008-12 Smoking,Obesity and Labor Market Outcomes conference
2008-09 台灣中高齡就業者漸進式退休行為之研究 report (536)
2008-07 Class Attendance and Exam Performance: A Randomized Experiment article (1049)
2007-04 The Role Of Employers In Phased Retirement: Opportunities For Phased Retirement Among White Collar Workers article (863)
2007-01 Class Attendance and Exam Performance: A Randomized Experiment conference (7245)