Research Project

During Tenure Number Title Position
2022/08/01-2023/07/31 MOST110-2410-H-004-185-MY2 永續與企業競爭之三個主題(2/2) 計畫主持人
2021/08/01-2022/07/31 MOST110-2410-H-004-185-MY2 永續與企業競爭之三個主題(1/2) 計畫主持人
2019/08/01-2020/07/31 MOST108-2410-H-004-018- 連鎖商店競爭:考慮地理連結 計畫主持人
2015/08/01-2016/07/31 MOST104-2410-H-004-040- 以貝氏網路建構財務之有限理性模型 計畫主持人
2014/08/01-2015/07/31 MOST103-2410-H-004-100- 管理者過度自信之策略影響 計畫主持人
2013/08/01-2014/07/31 NSC102-2410-H-004-054- 打預防針或提前引爆?盈餘預測,監理及風險傾向 計畫主持人
2012/08/01-2013/07/31 NSC101-2410-H-004-056- 自發性盈餘預測與銀行風險 計畫主持人
2011/08/01-2012/07/31 NSC100-2410-H-004-022- 微型金融機構貪污及其對銀行體系連結之影響 計畫主持人
2009/08/01-2010/07/31 NSC98-2410-H-004-188- 財務誤報,賄賂與懲罰 計畫主持人
2008/08/01-2009/07/31 NSC97-2410-H-004-060- 看得見的一隻手:新聞媒體之影響 計畫主持人
2002/08/01-2003/07/31 NSC91-2415-H-004-010 污染稅能否鼓勵廠商採用防治污染設備?靜態與動態分析 計畫主持人
2001/08/01-2002/07/31 NSC90-2415-H-004-022 一致性政策與國會投票 計畫主持人
2000/08/01-2001/07/31 NSC89-2415-H-004-047 大群體之演化性穩定分隔 計畫主持人
1999/08/01-2000/07/31 NSC89-2415-H-004-016 在完全及不完全訊息下多產品產業之結盟行為探討 計畫主持人

Self-Maintenance Research Project

During Tenure Number Title Position

Academic Grants

Year Content Project
107 Does Competition Inhibit Fairness and Alturism? 投稿
104 A New and Complex Sensation: Walking through Dublin and Histories of Ireland in James Joyce??s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma 出席國際學術會議發表論文
104 Learner agency in a Facebook-mediated community 出席國際學術會議發表論文
103 Constructing a Collaborative Writing Project: Perspectives from Csikszentmihalyi's Systems Model of Creativit 出席國際學術會議發表論文
103 How SNS Mediates EFL Adolescent Learners in Language Learning: from Learners?? Perspective 出席國際學術會議發表論文
103 Transfer of Malice: Wilkie Collins??s The Moonston 出席國際學術會議發表論文
103 Life After/In Death: Memories of the Living and the Dead in Graham Swift's Last Order 出席國際學術會議發表論文
101 Further Thoughts on Strategic Trade Policy under Asymmetric Inofrmaiton 投稿
101 Credibility of Voluntary Disclosure in Financial Firms 投稿
101 Further Thoughts on Strategic Trade Policy under Asymmetric Inofrmaiton 投稿
100 How Can Frauds in Microfinance Activity Affect the Formal-Informal Linkage? 投稿
100 The information and strategic impacts of real earnings management 投稿
100 A Co-payment Auditing Scheme For Financial Misreporting 外文編修
100 Strategic Impacts of Risk-Based Capital Regulation 投稿
099 Marketing Price As Real Earnings Management Device 投稿
099 Strategic and Information Impacts of Real Earnings Management 外文編修
098 Capital Structure and Competition in the Banking Industry: Theory and Empirics 出席國際學術會議發表論文
098 Capital Structure and Competition in the Banking Industry: Theory and Empirics 投稿
098 Leverage, Performance and Capital Adequacy Ratio in Taiwan's Banking Industry 投稿
097 Subprime mortgage crisis:speculation and systemic risk 投稿
097 Oligopoly and Financial Structure: The Case of Banking Industry 投稿
096 大銀行不破產?財務危機之達爾文觀點分析 投稿
096 大銀行不破產?財務危機之達爾文觀點分析 投稿
096 誤報財務報表之解決辦法 投稿
096 台灣新聞產業之經濟分析 外文編修
095 How Well Can the Environmental Consciousness Work? Multiple Equilibria in Adopting Pollution Abatement Device 投稿
095 AnotherBattle?Espionage with Double Crossing 投稿
095 Social Norms and Emission Tax:Multiple Equilibrium in Adopting Pollution Abatement Device. 投稿
095 Bank Size and Risk Taking:Threatened by Fundamental and Speculative Runs. 投稿