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2018-10 An inventory replenishment system with two inventory-based substitutable products article (215)
2016-01 Inventory and shelf-space management for fresh produce with freshness-and-stock dependent demand and expiration date article (522)
2015-12 在地文化「藝」起來─「數位文創設計」之科技跨域創新 book/chapter (203)
2015-12 Seller’s Optimal Credit Period and Delivery Number in EPQ Models when Production Costs have the Learningby- Experience Effects article (224)
2015-08 Designing an interactive map of musical culture and a digital humanity app conference (221)
2015-07 文創産業と新公共ガバナンス制度―宜蘭観光工廠の経験 book/chapter (237)
2015-07 運用Moodle學習平台融入教學對學 生態度與學習成效之影響 conference (20)
2015-06 Inventory and credit decisions for time-varying deteriorating items with up-stream and down-stream trade credit financing by discounted cash flow analysis article (291)
2015-06 想像X實踐—大稻埕的數位與人文 book/chapter (169)
2015-05 Smart tourism: exploring historical, cultural, and delicacy scenic spots using visual-based image search technology article (675)
2014.03 On Relationships among Hospitality Employees' Viewpoints on Certifications, Number of Certifications, and Salaries: A Case of Hotel Industry in North Region of Taiwan article (1091)
2014.01 Retailer’s optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with maximum lifetime under supplier’s trade credit financing article (1212)
2014-12 城鄉意象對觀光休閒品牌建構之影響--以宜蘭國際童玩節為例 conference (19)
2014-10 The localization of praxis-oriented research: Creating service design applications conference (1308)
2014-09 Retailer’s economic order quantity when the supplier offers conditionally permissible delay in payments link to order quantity. article (1025)
2014-09 A comprehensive note on “Lot-sizing decisions for deteriorating items with two warehouses under an order-size-dependent trade credit” article (1372)
2014-09 Economic production quantity models for deteriorating items with up-stream full trade credit and down-stream partial trade credits. article (1321)
2014-09 A Study on a Model for the Water Resource Use of Sustainable Farms article (181)
2014-09 高齡者教育與多媒體應用—內在、外在因素與創新行為對教學與學習成效之影響 article (156)
2014-09 An Exploration of National Palace Museum's Incorporating Creative and Cultural Industry into Chinese Language Teaching article (305)
2014-07 專家與生手教師使用平板電腦教學模式與學生學習成效分析 conference (52)
2014-06 Digital imagination: new value and experience co-constructed by smart living and mobile devices article (663)
2014-06 Qualia elements ofspace design for recreation farmand perspective analysis of cognition degree of tourists article (188)
2014-06 服務學習作為教育學方法之學習模式—美國服務學習年會案例實踐分析 book/chapter (157)
2014 i.EDU–創新力教育平台-設計新美力:科學、美學、新媒體素養下培育跨域創新想像力教學模式 report (1219)