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2018-10 An inventory replenishment system with two inventory-based substitutable products article (215)
2016-01 Inventory and shelf-space management for fresh produce with freshness-and-stock dependent demand and expiration date article (522)
2015-12 Seller’s Optimal Credit Period and Delivery Number in EPQ Models when Production Costs have the Learningby- Experience Effects article (224)
2015-06 Inventory and credit decisions for time-varying deteriorating items with up-stream and down-stream trade credit financing by discounted cash flow analysis article (291)
2015-05 Smart tourism: exploring historical, cultural, and delicacy scenic spots using visual-based image search technology article (675)
2014.03 On Relationships among Hospitality Employees' Viewpoints on Certifications, Number of Certifications, and Salaries: A Case of Hotel Industry in North Region of Taiwan article (1091)
2014.01 Retailer’s optimal ordering policy for deteriorating items with maximum lifetime under supplier’s trade credit financing article (1212)
2014-09 Retailer’s economic order quantity when the supplier offers conditionally permissible delay in payments link to order quantity. article (1025)
2014-09 A comprehensive note on “Lot-sizing decisions for deteriorating items with two warehouses under an order-size-dependent trade credit” article (1372)
2014-09 Economic production quantity models for deteriorating items with up-stream full trade credit and down-stream partial trade credits. article (1321)
2014-09 A Study on a Model for the Water Resource Use of Sustainable Farms article (181)
2014-09 高齡者教育與多媒體應用—內在、外在因素與創新行為對教學與學習成效之影響 article (156)
2014-09 An Exploration of National Palace Museum's Incorporating Creative and Cultural Industry into Chinese Language Teaching article (305)
2014-06 Digital imagination: new value and experience co-constructed by smart living and mobile devices article (663)
2014-06 Qualia elements ofspace design for recreation farmand perspective analysis of cognition degree of tourists article (188)
2014 Education and multimedia applications toward older adults: A humanistic interdisciplinary action study article (539)
2013.03 Stackelberg solution in a vendor-buyer supply chain model with permissible delay in payments. article (938)
2012.12 The combined effects of learning environment and personality traits on student imagination article (1156)
2012.10 How learning environments can stimulate student imagination article (1452)
2012.1 Awaken imagination: Effects of learning environment and individual psychology article (1339)
2012.03 當數位媒體設計學生想像時:促動想像的因素探索與相關性研究 article (606)
2012-06 Mobile Tour Planning Using Landmark Photo Matching and Intelligent Character Recognition article (1336)
2012-03 當數位媒體設計學生想像時:促動想像的因素探索與相關性研究 article (1142)
2012-01 從設計思考到設計再思:學術知識與實務經驗的對話 article (406)
2011 促發數位設計學生想像的心理因素及其影響 article (1057)