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2014-09 Retailer’s economic order quantity when the supplier offers conditionally permissible delay in payments link to order quantity. article (1025) 111 66
2013.03 Stackelberg solution in a vendor-buyer supply chain model with permissible delay in payments. article (938) 82 64
2014-09 Economic production quantity models for deteriorating items with up-stream full trade credit and down-stream partial trade credits. article (1321) 64 36
2015-06 Inventory and credit decisions for time-varying deteriorating items with up-stream and down-stream trade credit financing by discounted cash flow analysis article (291) 53 43
2016-01 Inventory and shelf-space management for fresh produce with freshness-and-stock dependent demand and expiration date article (522) 26 25
2018-10 An inventory replenishment system with two inventory-based substitutable products article (215) 7 7
2011 Motivations for game-playing on mobile devices - Using smartphone as an example conference (1267) 4 無資料
2012-06 Mobile Tour Planning Using Landmark Photo Matching and Intelligent Character Recognition article (1336) 3 無資料
2013-08 Mobile Yilan: Enhancing visitor experiences in ubiquitous computing environments conference (960) 2 無資料
2015-08 Designing an interactive map of musical culture and a digital humanity app conference (221) 0 無資料