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2012.12 功名、職場經驗對清治時期臺灣文、武職官俸祿之影響─以鳳山縣為例 conference (865)
2012.09 早清單效益的評估與未來動向 conference (717)
2011-05 兩岸經濟合作與東亞經濟整合新契機 conference (770)
2010-09 大陸「十二五」規劃初探及對台灣之機會與挑戰 conference (988)
2009-07 Tenure Choice, Demand for Mortgage, and Saving Behavior: An Evidence from Taiwan conference
2009-05 ECFA、兩岸經貿與國際空間 conference
2009-01 建立兩岸經濟合作機制內涵探討 conference
2009 兩岸經濟合作架構協議之進程:海峽經濟區先試先行之建議 conference
2008 兩岸共同市場發展展望與閩台經貿合作 conference
2008 宏觀調控、匯率政策與大陸總體經濟現況分析 conference
2008 貝氏多層次模型在台灣不動產市場估價之應用 conference
2008 The Analysis of Impact of Direct Flight across the Taiwan Strait on Taiwan’s Economy conference
2008 經濟發展與企業轉型:臺灣企業轉型升級的經驗與啟示 conference
2008 建立兩岸經濟合作機制內涵探討 conference
2007-11 Housing Price, Stock Price, and Bubbles:A Comparison Study between China and Taiwan conference
2007 外人投資、對外貿易、與經濟成長:珠江三角洲與長江三角洲之比較 conference
2006-04 台商在海峽西岸經濟區所扮演的角色 conference
2006-03 兩岸直航的政治經濟分析 conference
2006 住宅次市場定義合理性之探討:因素分析法之應用 conference
2006 兩岸共同市場應從電子電機產業開始 conference
2005 Housing and Educational Attainments of Children conference
2005 Impact of Globalization on SMEs: Experience and Lessons from Taiwan conference
2005 Returns to Four-Year Academic Colleges and Vocational Colleges in Taiwan conference
2005 An Estimation of Production Efficiency of Taiwanese Firms in Mainland China: A Comparison of One-step and Two-step Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Approach conference
2004-04 The Impacts of Taiwan's DFI on China's Economy: The Case of IT Industry conference