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2018 Information manipulation and web credibility  conference (373)
2018 Looking for regional convergence: evidence from the italian case with multivariate adaptive regression splines conference (483)
2018 Information aggregation in big data: Wisdom of crowds or stupidity of herds conference (390)
2018 Preface conference (429)
2018 A data mining analysis of the Chinese inland-coastal inequality conference (444)
2016-04 On the complexity of the El Farol Bar Game: A sensitivity analysis conference (366)
2016 以功能性磁振造影探討政治認同對於社會信任行為的影響 conference (406)
2015-12 Aggregation problem in DSGE model conference (483)
2014-10 Role of price in industry dynamics: A modular perspective conference (817)
2014-05 Toward a spatial agent-based prediction market: Would the spatial distribution of information matter? conference (801)
2014 Heterogeneity in experienced-weighted attraction learning and its relation to cognitive ability conference (655)
2014 Don't get mad, get even: emotions in ultimatum games conference (682)
2013.04 An agent-based skeleton of the network-based trust games conference (589)
2013-12 On the prediction accuracy of prediction markets: Would the spatial distribution of information matter? conference (678)
2012 Predicting the prediction market: Would smart agents help? conference (708)
2011.09 To whom and where the hill becomes difficult to climb: effects of personality and cognitive capacity in experimental DA markets conference
2011.09 Personality and Preference: A Laboratory Study conference (337)
2011.01 The Significance of Working Memory Capacity in Double Auction Markets: Modeling, Simulation and Experiments conference
2011-09 Is genetic programming "human-competitive"? The case of experimental double auction markets conference (649)
2011 Decision and Behavior in Ultimatum Game with Multi Targets conference (575)
2011 Investor Behaviors and Firm Competition in a Modular Economy: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach conference
2011 The role of costly punishment in promoting cooperation conference
2011 Non-Price Competition in an Agent-Based Modular Economy conference
2011 Bottom-Up Coordination in the El Farol Bar Problem: The Role of Local Information and Social Network’s Structure conference
2011 Social Norm, Costly Punishment and the Evolution to Cooperation conference