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2019-05 On the Connection between Agent-based Simulation and Methodological Individualism article (23)
2018-02 Big Data, Scarce Attention and Decision-Making Quality article (140)
2018 Cognitive ability and earnings performance: Evidence from double auction market experiments article (218)
2018 A heterogeneous artificial stock market model can benefit people against another financial crisis article (160)
2017-05 Heterogeneity in generalized reinforcement learning and its relation to cognitive ability article (320)
2017-04 Coordination in the El Farol Bar problem: The role of social preferences and social networks article (763)
2017 Special feature: Computational and simulation paradigms for evolutionary and institutional economics article (272)
2017 Agent-Based Modeling of a Non-tâtonnement Process for the Scarf Economy: The Role of Learning article (300)
2017 Information aggregation and computational intelligence article (366)
2017 Transitional student admission mechanism from tracking to mixing: an agent-based policy analysis book/chapter (363)
2017 Agent-based modelling as a foundation for big data article (146)
2016-12 On the complexity of the El Farol Bar game: a sensitivity analysis article (914)
2016-09 Matching Impacts of School Admission Mechanism: An Agent-Based Approach article (447)
2015-09 The optimal pricing of a market maker in a heterogeneous agent economy article (383)
2015-06 Network-Based Trust Games: An Agent-Based Model article (597)
2015-02 Limit Order Book Transparency and Order Aggressiveness at the Closing Call: Lessons from the TWSE 2012 New Information Disclosure Mechanism article (526)
2015-01 Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (597)
2015-01 Social norms, costly punishment and the evolution of cooperation article (582)
2015-01 The Use of Knowledge in Prediction Markets: How Much of Them Need He Know article (309)
2014.04 Cognitive Capacity and Cognitive Hierarchy: A Study Based on Beauty Contest Experiments article (937)
2014.01 Business Intelligence in Risk Management: Some Recent Progresses article (1294)
2014.01 Social Networks, Social Interaction and Macroeconomic Dynamics: How Much Could Ernst Ising Help DSGE? article (683)
2014-09 Competition in a New Industrial Economy: Toward an Agent-Based Economic Model of Modularity article (492)
2014-06 Behavioral macroeconomics and agent-based macroeconomics article (802)
2014-03 Social Networks and Macroeconomic Stability article (573)