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2015-11 Comparison of Two Service Models of Adult Day Care Center in Taiwan conference
2015-10 Comparison of Two Service Models of Adult Day Care Center in Taiwan conference
2015-03-27 遊舞於生命的轉角:退休女性生活條是經驗之初探 conference (973)
2015-03-27 一樣的食堂,不一樣的共餐:宜蘭縣長青食堂社區老人共餐經驗之初探 conference (6050)
2014-03 失智症老人妻子照顧者的生命故事:我是妻子、照顧者,但我也是老人 conference
2013-09 The Social Division of Care Work: Analyzing Taiwanese Attitudes toward Child Care and Elder Care conference
2013-06 Community Participation and Life Satisfaction in Old Age conference
2013-05 臺灣老人文康活動中心之現況及未來發展:從「社會俱樂部」轉型為「社區式服務提供中樞據點」之芻議 conference
2012-11 Neighborhood Cohesion in Old Age: Does Competency in Social Skills Make a Difference? conference
2012-03 臺灣日間照顧和居家服務之展望 conference (1270)
2010-03 眺望2020年台灣社會工作專業發展之趨勢 conference (1133)
2009-03 我如何知道社工員該做什麼:小型養護機構社工員專業角色發展之初探 conference
2008-11 七位阿嬤顧尪看孫的經驗初探:老幼兼顧女性照顧者之感受和因應策略 conference
2008-09 The Public Attitude towards Government Responsibility for Supporting Older Persons: A Case of Taiwan conference
2008-04 台灣老人參與休閒活動效益之初探 conference
2007-11 誰來照顧老人?台灣民眾對照顧老人責任看法之初探 conference
2007-09 Social Support Among Elderly Persons Living Alone in Taiwan : Do Strong Ties Matter? conference
2007-07 推動我國長期照顧十年計畫:社工人力培育之挑戰 conference
2006-11 為高齡社會作準備:社會工作人力需求與培育 conference
2006-10 我國社工實習教育的現況與發展方向 conference
2006-07 社會與健康照顧組研究成果 conference
2003-03 A comparison of sibling helping behavior in old age and adulthood-A case study of Taiwan conference
2003-01 影響緊急救援通報服務使用因素之探討:以「建構長期照護先導計畫」之實驗社區為例 conference
2003 台灣社工專業繼續教育之發展—知識管理下的新思維 conference
2002-08 機構內社工人員的角色與執掌 conference