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2019-09 Do Firms That Have a Common Signing Auditor Exhibit Higher Earnings Comparability? article (52)
2018-09 Does meeting analysts’ forecasts matter in the private loan market? article (204)
2017 Managerial Ability, Political Connections, and Fraudulent Financial Reporting in China article (305)
2016-10 Do local leads deliver contracting benefits? Evidence from emerging market syndicated loans? article (477)
2016 法人說明會資訊在供應鏈中之垂直資訊移轉效果:以台灣之半導體產業供應鏈為例 article (307)
2015-12 Stock-Based Compensation in a Concentrated Ownership Setting: An Empirical Investigation article (448)
2015 The Effects of Financial Reporting on Bank Loan Contracting in Global Markets: Evidence fromMandatory IFRS Adoption article (304)
2014.09 家族公司的代理問題與正直聲譽如何影響法人說明會之召開 article (597)
2014.04 Industry audit Experts and ownership structure in the syndicated loan market: At the firm and partner levels. article (914)
2014-07 以IFRS為基礎的中國會計準則對資訊環境的影響 article (528)
2014 制度環境、事務所合并與動態生產效率——基于事務所2002—2011年的平衡面板數據 article (538)
2014 區域、自主創新與企業價值 article (637)
2013.04 Restoring trust after internal control weaknessess: Does corporate governance matter article (1001)
2013-04 Restoring Trust after Internal Control Weaknesses: Does Corporate Governance Matter? article (1081)
2013 International Diversification and Conference Calls article (1003)
2013 終極所有權結構差異、兩權分離程度與自主創新 優先出版 article (487)
2013 The effects of legal protections and control‐ownership divergences on investor perceptions of foreign earnings article (512)
2012.05 Weather Effects on Earnings Response Coefficients: International Evidence article (1195)
2012 The Relationship Of Development Status Of Investee Countries And Investor Perceptions Of Foreign Earnings article (993)
2011-12 股權結構與多角化 article (726)
2011-10 投資人情緒與分析師行為之關聯性研究 article (771)
2011-05 Firm versus Partner Measures of Auditor Industry Expertise and Effects on Auditor Quality, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory article (1091)
2011-03 On the Association between IPO Underpricing and Reversal and Taiwan's Regulatory Reforms for Mandatory Forecasts article (996)
2010-08 Determinants of Analyst Forecast Horizons article (1026)
2010-03 公司股權結構與外資持股關係之研究 article (854)