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2018-05 The effect of audit support systems on audit quality conference (511)
2014-08 Do firms' reporting incentives restrain internal control weaknesses? conference (146)
2013.08 Financial Restatements and Credit Ratings conference (1212)
2009-12 Effects of Post-SOX Restatement Characteristics and Management Behavior on CEO/CFO Turnover conference
2009-12 How Differently Do Credit Rating Agencies React To Companies’ Restatements After The SOX? conference
2009-12 民營化過程中會計師的資訊與監督效果 conference
2009-08 Can Individual CPA Sanction Improve Audit Quality of the Firm? conference
2009-01 Do Auditor Sanctions Affect Clients' Accruals? conference
2007-12 會計師懲戒與事務所審計品質 conference
2007-08 CPA Sanction and Audit Quality conference
2004-01 更換威脅對會計師獨立性之影響 conference
2003-03 運用CORPS建立高等教育機構績效衡量指標-以政大學務處為例 conference
2002-11 無形資產之會計處理與報導 conference
2002-01 會計師簽證私立大學校財務報表之效益與影響研究 conference (1817)
2001-09 中美日公私立大專院校會計準則之比較研究 conference
2001-09 中美日公私立大專院校會計準則之比較研究-以教育部補助款等會計處理為例 conference
2001 自願性盈餘預測公司之盈餘管理行為與審計品質影響 conference
2000-11 審計品質維持前期盈餘績效公司盈餘管理行為影響之研究 conference
1998-11 以德菲法及層級分析法運用於設立科技研發機構之績效指標權數制度 conference
1998-05 由紡織纖維業客戶盈餘反應係數再探事務所審計品質之差異性 conference
1997-11 審計報告與授信失敗關聯之實證研究 conference
1997 從上市委託人之盈餘反應係數觀察會計師事務所之審計產品差異性—以紡織纖維業為例 conference
1995 如何提昇商業會計人員素質 conference
1994-01 審計報告資訊內涵之研究 conference
1992-01 Corporate Environmental Performance and Annual Report Disclosure in the ROC conference