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2019-08 Are Social Ties Really Undesirable?— The Transition of CEO-Audit Committee Social Ties and Its Effect on Audit Committees' Oversight Effectiveness conference (110)
2014 權益基礎報酬會增進還是傷害審計委員會會計專家對盈餘品質的效果? conference (201)
2008-08 Distributional Fairness, Reciprocity, and Honesty in Managerial Reporting conference
2008-08 Do Restatements Really Increase Substantially after the SOX? How Does the Stock Market React to Them? conference
2007 The effects of incentive contract types and contract components on honesty in managerial reporting conference
2006 Do balanced scorecard incentive contract type and business life-cycle affect managerial effort and performance? conference
2005 The Effects of Mandatory Earings Forecasts and Auditor's Legal Regimes on Manager's and Auditor's Behavior-Theory and Experimental Evidence conference
2004-08 Legal Regimes, Damage Apportionment Rules, and Auditor Independence-Theory and Experimental Evidence conference
2004 The effects of incentive contracts and monitoring mechanism on honesty in managerial reporting conference
2003 The property rights multitask crossover effects and incentive contracts conference (1635)
2002 從會計師破產風險分析會計師法律責任對於審計品質與投資之影響 conference
2002 Mandatory rotation and auditor independence – An analysis of auditor’s reputation effect(USA) conference
2001 Experimental evidence of the effects of incentive design on the value of communication conference
2000 The nature of corporate income tax under full imputation tax regime-A test of the functional fixation conference
1999-12 資訊軟體專利權智慧財產權等無形資產鑑價制度之研究 conference
1999-12 The Nature of Corporate Income Tax under Full Imputation Regime-A test of Functional Fixation conference
1999 兩稅合一制度對公司屬性與股票報酬關聯性之影響 conference
1999 資訊軟體業專利權、智慧財產權等無形資產鑑價制度之研究 conference
1998 The impacts of electronic commerce on auditing practices: An auditing process model for evidence collection and validation conference