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2018-03 Real-Time Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Item Response Models article (394)
2015-12 Expansions for multivariate densities article (458)
2013-11 機器學習中的近似貝氏推論 article (734)
2013-01 A study of expansions of posterior distributions article (469)
2011.01 A Bayesian Approximation Method for Online Ranking article (1111)
2010.01 A Bayesian Edgeworth expansion by Stein's identity article (1063)
2010 A Bayesian Edgeworth expansion by Stein's identity article (679)
2008-06 Trust Region Newton Method for Logistic Regression article (1148)
2008 Ranking Individuals by Group Comparisons article (1119)
2008 Asymptotic Posterior Normality for Multiparameter Problems article (484)
2007-10 A note on Platt's probabilistic outputs for support vector machines article (401)
2007 Trust region Newton method for large-scale logistic regression. article (152)
2006-08 Approximate confidence sets for a stationary AR(p) process article (493)
2006-01 A Generalized Bradley-Terry Model: From Group Competition to Individual Skill article (1116)
2006 Generalized Bradley-Terry Models and Multi-Class Probability Estimates article (434)
2004-08 Probability Estimates for Multi-class Classification by Pairwise Coupling article (1193)
2004-05 Approximate confidence sets for a stationary AR process article (1005)
2004-05 Analysis of Switching Dynamics with Competing Support Vector Machine article (896)
2003-04 On Stein's Identity for Posterior Normality article (1663)
2002 Analysis of Nonstationary Time Series Using Support Vector Machines article (413)
2001-01 Sequential Confidence intervals for a populations size with fixed propotional accuracy article (1384)
2000 Comments on Hybrid Resampling Methods for Confidence Intervals article (1002)
2000 Integrable expansions for posterior distributions for multiparameter exponential confidence levels article (1069)