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2018 Monitoring profile based on a linear regression model with correlated errors article (488)
2015-04 Determinants of firms’ patenting or not patenting behaviors article (602)
2015-04 Determinants of Firms' Patenting or Not Patenting Behaviors article (470)
2013.07 Measuring Subjective Well-being in Taiwan article (834)(517)
2013.05 Performing Arts Attendance in Taiwan: Who and How Often? article (1090)
2013.02 Measuring Subjective Well-being in Taiwan article (737)
2013-07 Brand power index - using principal component analysis article (618)
2012.07 On simultaneously identifying outliers and heteroscedasticity without specific form article (587)
2011-08 Determinants of Performing Arts Attendance in Taiwan: A Multivariate Probit Analysis article (990)
2011-04 Robust Diagnostics for Heteroscedastic Regression Model article (889)
2011-04 Robust diagnostics for the heteroscedastic regression model article (453)
2010.06 Discussion: The Forward Search: Theory and Data Analysis article (727)
2010.05 A Resistant Learning Procedure for Coping with Outliers article (922)
2008-01 Maximum trimmed likelihood estimator for multivariate mixed continuous and categorical data article (480)
2006-12 On the Two-Stage Estimation of the Fama-French Three Factor Model: Evidence from Taiwan article (1675)
2005.06 Robust Regression Diagnostics With Data Transformations article (535)
2003-07 Industrial Effects and the CAPM: From the Views of Robustness and Panel Data Analysis article (1697)
2002-11 High Breakdown Estimation of Multivariate Mean and covariance With Missing Observations article (954)
2000-06 On Robust Linear Regression with Incomplete Data article (1011)
1999.11 Computing Least Trimmed Squares Regression with the Forward Search article (763)