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2016-01 How Firm's Dealing With the Dual-Forces in China's Mid-Range Economy Affect Innovation Performance conference (790)
2016-01 The Tension of Legitimacy and Competition Faced by Firms in an Emerging Subgroup conference (377)
2009-12 How do strategic groups handle cognitive complexity to sustain competitive advantage? A commentary essay conference (575)
2009-09 眾人皆醉我獨醒?從群體競爭行為不確定性探討廠商競爭不一致性與績效的關係 conference
2009-08 R&D Alliance, Absorptive Capacity, and Firm Innovativeness conference
2009-06 The Moderating Effect of Cluster on Firm Innovation: An Empirical Study in Taiwan conference
2009-06 Local Connection and Local Competition on Innovation: A Comparative Study of Local and Foreign Firms in China conference
2009-01 Strategy and Policy for Successful U2.0 Service Application in the Taiwan's Exhibition Industry conference
2008-12 Web 2.0之價值共創模式 conference
2008-12 The Effect of Institutional Ties conference
2008-12 Related and Non-Related Diversification: A Capability-Based and Value-Activity-Based Perspective conference
2008-11 The Age of A Focal Firm, Alliance Experience, and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study in Taiwan conference
2008-10 Multiple-Source R&D Collaboration, Exploration and Exploitation, and Firm Performance conference
2008-08 University Ties, FDI, And Firm Innovation conference
2008-08 Technology Sourcing, Protection Mechanism and Innovation conference
2008-07 International Technology Protection, Multi-Market Competition, and Firm Performance conference
2007-09 相關與非相關多角化:以能力與價值活動為基礎之觀點 conference
2007-08 Multiple-Source R&D Strategy and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study for Taiwan's ICT Firms conference
2007-08 What Do Firms Benefit From Cluster Effect? A Resource-Based and Market-Based Empirical Study conference
2007-05 The Competitiveness of Taiwan's ICT Industry: Implications for Policies and Practices conference
2007-05 R&D Alliances and Firm Performance: Implications from Taiwan's ICT Firms conference
2006-12 從競爭模型分析台灣電信產業的創價機會-以大眾電信為例 conference
2006-10 Developing A Resource-Market Matrix Framework: An Exploratory and Empirical Study conference
2006-09 Conceptualising A Resource-Market Matrix Framework: An Exploratory Study conference
2006-08 Explore Technology Capability and Firm Innovation: An Empirical Study for Taiwan's ICT Industry conference