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2020-06 Roles of Strategic Orientations in Radical Product Innovation article (58)
2019-01 ICT 國際品牌之通路管理方案-以台灣惠普資訊科技股份有限公司為例 article (206)
2017-04 The Impact of Trust and Commitment on Value Creation in Asymmetric Buyer−Seller Relationships: The Mediation Effect of Specific Asset Investments article (297)
2016-12 知覺品質、知覺價值與行為意圖關係之研究-交易成本觀點 article (904)
2016-09 Revisiting Associations between Specific Asset Investment and Loyal and Cooperative Behavior: A Complexity Theory Perspective article (404)
2015-11 Why Does Loyalty-Cooperation Behavior Vary over Buyer-Seller Relationship? article (528)
2015-10 From Temporal Competitive Advantage to Sustainable Competitive Advantage article (537)
2015-01 Absorptive Capacity and Autonomous R&D Climate Roles in Firm Innovation article (1353)
2014.03 Exploring the Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Firm Performance under the Resource-Based View Framework article (1202)
2014-01 Perceived Value, Transaction Cost, and Repurchase-Intention in Online Shopping: A Relational Exchange Perspective article (1282)
2012-11 How Does a Technological Firm Develop Its Competitive Advantage? A Dynamic Capability Perspective article (1047)
2012-07 You do the service but they take the order article (590)
2012-05 Team Member Commitments and Start-up Competitiveness article (1054)
2010-04 Antecedents of Retailer Loyalty: Simultaneously Investigating Channel Push and Consumer Pull Effects article (1254)
2010-03 Which Companies Should Implement Management Innovation? A Commentary Essay article (971)
2010-01 Applicability of the Resource-Based and Dynamic-Capability Views under Environmental Volatility article (1110)
2009-04 Founding Team and Start-up Competitive Advantage article (1034)
2009 Buyer Satisfaction and Loyalty Intention in an Online Auction: Online Auction Website Versus Online Auction Seller article (1279)
2008 Internal Resources, External Network, and Competitiveness during the Growth Stage: A Study of Taiwanese High-tech Ventures article (932)
2007-01 資源、信任、支援廠商合作意願與高科技新創企業競爭力:以竹科廠商為例之跨期研究 article (727)
2007 Entrepreneurial Resources, Dynamic Capabilities and Start-up Performance of Taiwan’s High-tech Firms article (869)
2007 Transforming Resources to Improve Performance of Technology-Based Firms: A Taiwanese Empirical Study article (750)
2007 Innovation Quality in the Automobile Industry: Measurement Indicators and Performance Implications article (816)
2006 Resources, Dynamic Capabilities and Performance in a Dynamic Environment: Perceptions in Taiwanese IT Enterprises article (1038)
2006 資源、社會資本、路徑相依與動態能力之研究 article (559)