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2015 Exploring taiwanese college students' perception of fast fashion: A brand personality approach conference (420)
2014 Part I: Marketing Strategy and Marketing Management: The Antecedents and Consequences of Consumers' Value Co-Creation conference (533)
2011 Personality Traits Antecedents of Online Brand Community Members' Participation conference (443)
2008 A Case Study of Customer Capital Management in Taiwan's Financial Industry article (1062)
2007-06 Measuring Customer Capital in Telecommunication Industry by Anlytical Hierarchy Process conference
2007-05 The Effects of Customer Capital and Market Orientation on Organizational Performance of B2C E-Commerce Business conference
2007-05 Developing Measurements of Customer Capital in Financial Industry by Analytical Hierarchy Process conference
2006-12 顧客資本的創造與管理—以電信業為例 conference
2006-11 品牌社群經營、品牌社群關係與品牌忠誠度之關係 conference
2006-11 網路購物環境下資訊超載與資訊結構對決策正確性、消費信心與決策滿意度之影響 conference
2005-12 顧客資本的創造與管理-以金融業的企業客戶經營為例 conference
2005-11 A study on Brand Switching from Transaction Cost and Variety Seeking Perspectives conference
2004-12 主題廣告、促銷活動與品牌層級之綜效研究 conference
2004-10 Building Customer Capital through Relationship Marketing Activities- the case of Taiwanese Multilevel Marketing Companies conference (1160)
2004-06 資訊電子業委外設計製造代工之策略研究—供應商之觀點 conference
2004-03 訊息媒體來源、訊息類型、企業回應策略與品牌認同對消費者反應之影響-公共報導v.s網路轉寄訊息 conference
2003-12 The Effects of Consumer Culture Branding Strategy on Brand Equity conference
2003-06 消費者一般購物價值、網路購物動機與其對網路行銷策略之偏好與反應 conference
2002-12 由企業經營管理看行政組織創新 conference
2002-02 企業市場品牌經營策略與品牌權益之關聯 conference
2002-01 中小型旅館的創新經營--台北商旅 conference
2000-10 品牌定位策略與品牌權益之關聯— 全球消費文化定位策略之效果探討 conference
2000-10 消費者網路資訊搜尋對購屋行為之影響 conference
1999-11 多層次傳銷公司的退貨制度與傳銷商的滿意度之研究 conference
1999-06 我國與各國多層次傳銷事業退貨條件與處理原則之比較 conference