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2019-07 The Effects of Logo Frame Design on Brand Extensions article (93)
2018-10 Free the Brand: How a Logo Frame Influences the Potentiality of Brand Extensions article (149)
2017-10 Exploring the Flow Experience in the Virtual World by the Auto-driving Method article (281)
2017 Reviewing Regulatory Focus Based on Four Regulatory Forms article (144)
2015-12 The effects of hedonic and utilitarian bidding values on e-auction behavior article (184)
2015-01 Customer's perceived value of waiting time for service events article (749)
2014.03 Position matters when we stand together: a linguistic perspective on composite brand extensions article (993)
2014-01 ConvenienceProbe: A phone-based system for retail trade-area analysis article (482)
2013.06 Brand Power Index – Using Principal Component Analysis article (1169)
2013-07 Brand power index - using principal component analysis article (608)
2012-07 領導者特質、企業文化與品牌個性間之關係初探--長期歷史觀點 article (760)
2012 領導者特質、企業文化與品牌個性間之關係初探─長期歷史觀點 article (840)
2012 The Influences of Price Dispersion and the Manufacturer's Suggested Price on Consumers' Boundaries of Acceptable Price: Expected Price as a Mediator article (430)
2011-12 廣告量對品牌態度與購買率之長期影響 article (800)
2011-01 Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extension: the Roles of Case-based Reminding on Brand-to-brand Similarity article (991)
2011 Positioning Brand Extensions in Comparative Advertising: An Assessment of the Roles of Comparative Brand Similarity, Comparative Claims, and Consumer Product Knowledge article (958)
2011 Is the New Product Yours or Mine? A linguistic Perspective on Composite Brand Extensions. article (1062)
2009-04 贈品促銷深度對贈品組合評價影響之研究 article (953)
2009 A Research of the Effect of Gift Promotion and Its Spillover Effect article (444)
2009 The Values and Lifestyles of Prior Mature Chinese Consumers article (494)