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2018-02 Marketing Mix, Consumer Value, and Consumer Loyalty in Social Commerce: A Stimulus-Organism-Response Perspective article (241)
2018 Editorial. article (199)
2017-12 Adopting IoT Technology to Optimize Intelligent Water Management conference (229)
2017-05-13 歐洲聯盟跨市場動態關聯性之研究 conference (272)
2017-01 Information Management Research in Taiwan: Historical Retrospect and Future Outlook article (1524)
2017 Weather uncertainty effect on tourism demand article (220)
2016-12 Information security challenges in the new era of Fintech conference (336)
2016-12 Critical acceptance factors of cloud-based public health records conference (454)
2016-07 Exploring consumer value of cross-border online shopping: An application of means-end chain theory and Maslow's hierarchy of needs conference (268)
2016-04 Nurturing User Creative Performance in Social Media Networks: An Integration of Habit of Use with Social Capital and Information Exchange Theories article (252)
2016-02 影響博物館導覽系統設計於智慧型行動電話應用程式之因素探討 article (297)
2016-01 Design Factors of a Mobile Museum Navigation System: The Case of National Palace Museum in Taiwan book/chapter (427)
2016 跨境線上購物行為之研究:消費者價值地圖、線上評論分析與初始與重複意圖之決定因素 report
2015-12 A Multilevel Model of Information System Success in the User Department: Integrating Job Performance Theory and Field Theory article (342)
2015-12 A Multilevel Approach to Examine Employees' Loyal Use of ERP Systems in Organizations article (184)
2015-07 User adoption of wisdom of crowd: usage and performance of prediction market system article (583)(354)
2015-04 家登精密--殺雞焉用牛刀,成本該算誰的 article (449)
2014.08 Improving the Effectiveness of Experiential Decisions by Recommendation Systems article (771)
2014-07 Investigating the academic trend of balanced scorecard from bibliometric approach conference (626)
2014-07 A research growth of tourism innovation from Bibliometric perspective conference (519)
2014-07 Corporate politics, philanthropy and governance: Their impacts on unit performance article (237)
2014-01 Adoption of Mobile Internet Devices and Services: A Multinational Study article (891)
2014 企業服務能力成熟度之評量:模式發展、方法驗證與實務應用 report (534)
2014 The effect of philanthropic marketing on brand resonance and consumer satisfaction of CSR performance: Does media self-regulation matter? article (474)