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2015-07 Building a Supply Chain Flexibility Model for Fast Fashion Industry conference (753)
2009-08 支援電子化學習環境中背景基底資訊檢索之ㄧ致性多媒體文件資料庫設計 conference
2008-12 System Design and Implementation of Location-based Mobile Tourism Services conference
2008-09 A Multi-facet Requirement Assessment of Customer-Oriented Mobile Tourism Services conference
2008-06 以層級分析法評估平衡計分卡架構下數位落差策略績效指標 conference
2008-05 電子化企業入口網站之網路服務安全架構與機制 conference
2008-05 行動旅遊服務之地點基底推薦系 conference
2007-12 Developing Strategy Maps for the Formulation of Digital Divides Strategies conference
2007-12 A Value-Based Strategic Management Process for e-Government Strategy Planning and Performance Control conference (510)
2007-11 Buffer Management for Multi-Project Scheduling and Control in Critical Chain Project Management conference
2007-11 電子化保健醫療之個人化推薦系統 conference
2007-10 Developing a Web-Based Intelligent Decision Support System for Personalized Healthcare conference
2007-06 個人化健診智慧型決策支援系統之物件導向發展方法 conference
2007-03 An Application of Critical Chain Project Management in Software Development Project conference
2007-03 個人化智慧型健檢決策支援系統 conference
2007-02 Value-Based Mobile Service Classification for B2E Applications in the Tourism Industry conference
2007-01 Developing Risk Key Performance Indicators for Risk Strategies of B2B Banks: A Balanced Scorecard Approach conference
2006-12 B2C Mobile E-Tourism Service Classification conference
2006-09 Service-Oriented Data and Process Models for Personalization and Collaboration in e-Business conference
2006-06 A Hybrid Modeling Approach for Strategy Optimization of E-business Values conference (1555)
2006-05 線上遊戲產業之企業策略與績效管理: 台灣與韓國線上遊戲產業之比較分析 conference
2006-05 台灣線上遊戲產業之企業經營模式-以遊戲橘子為例 conference
2006-01 Analyzing Strategic Gaps of Digital Divide Projects Based on the Balanced Scorecard conference
2006 A hybrid mining approach for optimizing returns n policies in e retailing conference (668)
2005-11 以動態規劃模式為基礎之電子化企業策略規劃與績效評估方法研究 conference