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2016-03 A Value-Centric Business Model Framework for Managing Open Data Applications article (574)
2016 A Value-Centric Business Model Framework for Managing Open Data Applications article (733)
2014-09 Developing Value-Centric Business Models for Mobile Government article (858)
2013.09 Value Proposition in Mobile Government article (861)
2013-01 Towards Context-Aware Recommendation for Personalized Mobile Travel Planning article (788)
2012-03 Multi-Dimensional Classification and Evaluation of B2E Mobile Services for the Tourism Industry article (926)
2011.06 以RM-BSC方法發展B2B網路銀行之關鍵風險指標 article (723)
2011-06 Developing Key Risk Indicators for B2B International Internet Banking: A RM-BSC Approach article (788)
2011-03 Measure the Performance of Reducing Digital Divide-the BSC and AHP Approach article (695)
2010-11 Integrating Personalized and Community Services for Mobile Travel Planning and Management article (702)
2010-09 The Need for Strategic Management and Business Model Design in Government and Public Administration article (967)
2009-08 Role-Based and Service-Oriented Security Management in the e-Government Environment article (1074)
2009-08 Personalized Location-based Recommendation Services for Tour Planning in Mobile Tourism Applications article (1032)
2009-04 Strategy Mapping in the Process of Formulating Digital Divide Strategies article (721)
2008-11 A Hybrid Mining Approach for Optimizing Returns Policies in e-Retailing article (1121)
2006 Analyzing strategic gaps of digital divide projects based on the balanced scorecard article (705)
2005-08 Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Business Models for Value Based Strategic Management in E-Business article (886)
2005-08 Measuring the Performance of Digital Divide Strategies: The Balanced Scorecard Approach article (715)
2004-09 Digital divide in Taiwan: evidence, comparisons, and strategies article (795)(873)
2004-08 Value Based Management and Strategic Planning in E-Business article (988)
2004-08 An Integrated Framework for Analyzing Domestic and International Digital Divides article (817)
2001-07 製造業面對經營環境變遷該有的認知--電子商務對製造業的影響與衝擊 article
2001-07 製造業面對經營環境變遷該有的認知--電子商務對製造業的影響與衝擊 article
2001-02 電子市集對製造業的影響與衝擊 article
2000-09 The Impacts of Electronic Commerce on Auditing Practices:An Auditing Pocess Model for Evidence Collection and Validation article (419)