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2020-07 A Classifier of Popular Music Online Reviews conference (7)
2020-07 Would You Turn on Bluetooth for LBA? conference (7)
2019.09 The Decision of Building Location‐Based Advertising Push Platform conference (30)
2019-05 iPhone語音助理採用考量因素之初探 conference
2018-03 The motivations of user continuance intention toward mobile game apps conference
2017-03 Why do students adopt SoLoMo services? conference (392)
2016-07 The moderate role of perceived surveillance for value perception in SoLoMo services continuance conference (292)
2016-07 Bibliometric analysis of social presence conference (343)
2015-03 An Internet Slang Translator Based on Decision Tree and Bi-gram Language Model article (227)
2015-01 A Chinese predictive text entry method for mobile devices conference (276)
2014-06 Apply the dynamic N-gram to extract the keywords of Chinese news conference (793)
2014-06 A three-stage decision model integrating FAHP, MDS and association rules for targeting smartphone customers conference (623)
2014-04 Applying fuzzy AHP to understand the factors of cloud storage adoption conference (685)
2014 Two-stage model for exchange rate forecasting by emd and random forest conference (659)
2011-10 Simulating sharing behavior in social networking sites conference (674)
2011-10 Agent-based modeling of knowledge sharing and used-car market conference (781)
2011-06 Applying EMD-based neural network to forecast NTD/USD exchange rate conference (581)
2011 Forecasting exchange rate using EMD and BPNN optimized by particle swarm optimization conference (533)
2008-11 以本體論為基礎的中文成語造句練習系統初探 conference
2008-10 Proof-of-service Mechanism in Service Innovation— A Case Study in Smart Pay Living Lab Project conference
2008-07 Knowledge-Sharing Dilemmas in Virtual Communities: The Impact of Anonymity conference
2008-07 New Service Development Methodology in Perspective of Service Engineering conference
2008-06 A Recommendation System for IT Software Project Planning: the Hybrid Mining Approach for Revised CBR Algorithm conference
2008-05 原位行動服務之個案探討 conference
2008-04 群體能力與激勵政策對組織成員間知識分享的影響 conference