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2012-04 本校成立財務處可行性之研究 report (2532)
2011-09 台灣生技企業特殊籌資工具之探索性研究 article (736)
2009-09 Information-time based futures pricing article (393)
2009 中華郵政公司開辦外匯存款業務可行性及相關作業模式之探討 report
2008-02 Portfolio Selection of Institutional Investors Based on Value Function article (844)
2007-10 Pricing Real Abandonment Options on Several R&D Investment Projects article (1002)
2007-08 General Equilibrium Stock Index Futures Pricing Allowing for Event Risk article (443)
2007 國際財務管理 book/chapter (823)
2007 2007年台灣地區房地產產業年鑑編撰作業 report
2007 Optimal Asset Allocation with Extreme Returns and a VaR Constraint article (871)
2006-06 The Patents Valuation with Capital Shortage Risk conference
2006-05 Dynamic Asset Allocation with Downside Risk and Extreme Returns conference
2006-04 Determining Institutional Investor's Dynamic Asset Allocation article (2282)
2006 校務基金自籌財源投資理財之規劃 report (2672)
2006 Assessing R&D Investments Using a Generalized Pricing Model: A Real Options Approach conference
2006 Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies for Investors with Mortgage Liability in the Environment of Time-Varying Interest Rates article (914)
2006 考慮極值與VaR限制之最適資產配置 article (474)
2006 Pricing real growth options when the underlying assets have jump diffusion processes: the case of R&D investments article (1149)
2006 2006年台灣地區房地產產業年鑑編撰作業 report
2005-05 The empirical test of bid-ask spread clientele effect on holding periods for futures contracts traded on the SGX-DT conference
2005-04 Intertemporal Futures Pricing with Different Opinions about Price Changes article (1748)
2004-09 管理一學門國內學會簡介 article (412)
2004 Intertemporal Futures Pricing with Heterogeneous Expectations and Adjustment Effect conference
2004 Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy for Investors with Mortgage Liability in the Environment of Time-Varying Interest Rates conference
2004 Optimal Management Fee and Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy of Institutional Investors conference