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2020-10 不用數字的研究:質性研究的思辯脈絡(5版) book/chapter (257)
2020-08 境隨心轉:服務隨創中的認知轉移與資源轉換 article (15)
2019-07 City as Strategic Resources: How Hoshino Hotel Transformed Asahikawa into an Urban Resort conference
2019-02 服務創新:少力設計的邏輯思維 book
2019-02 服務隨創:少力設計的邏輯思維 專書 (71)
2018-09 Orchestrating Surprise: Reframing Users' Negative Senses for Service Innovation in Museum Shop conference
2018-09 Relative Dependency of Resource: How Entrepreneurs Acquire Resources through Reshaping Power Relationships conference
2018-01 負負得正:相依性如何促成負資源轉換 article (120)
2017-12 Inversing the Powerful: The Process of Resource Construction through Bricolage article (235)
2017-12 逆強論:隨創式的資源建構過程 (獲2020第十屆聯電經營管理論文獎佳作獎) article (53)
2017-11 不用數字的研究:質性研究的思辨脈絡 (增訂第四版) book (89)
2017-03 不用數字的研究:質性研究的思辨脈絡(增訂第三版) book/chapter (424)
2017-03 Making-do within Adversity: Resource Constraints as a Source of Innovation article (317)
2017-03 逆勢拼湊:化資源制約為創新來源 (獲2019第九屆聯電經營管理論文獎優等獎) article (26)
2017-02 資源流:聯合報系複合商業模式的形成 article (418)
2016-08 思考的脈絡:創新,可能不擴散(增訂第三版) book/chapter (290)
2016-07 Creating Synergy among Technologies: Principles of Forming Techomogical Platforms conference
2016-07 Gaining Influences: Developing a Progressive Business Model in Adversary Situations conference
2015-10 Sizing New Market: Building New Business Model Through Re-effectuation of Resources conference
2014-10 Recreating something from everything: New product innovation through social construction of frugal resources conference (351)
2014-10 Less becomes more: Resource reconstruction in entrepreneurial bricolage conference (386)
2014-09 Less Become More: Resource Reconstruction in Entrepreneurial Bricolage conference
2014-09 Recreating Something from Everthing: New Product Innovation through Social Construction of Frugal Resources conference
2014-07 Predictably Obdurate: Irrational Behaviours and Hidden Motives in Urban Regeneration conference
2014-06 劣勢創新:梵谷策展中的隨創行為 article (757)