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2019-06 平台的價值共創機制之研究:以台灣大車隊為例  conference (204)
2015-12 Exploratory study on the relationship between knowledge attributes and innovation behavior in SMEs in the information service industry conference (457)
2015-04 知識管理與社群媒體對服務創新的影響之研究 article (340)
2014-10 A study on operating pattern of restaurant franchise from the service-dominant logic perspective conference (685)
2014-10 Factors influencing the use of mobile financial services: The extended technology acceptance model conference (833)
2014-10 Measuring and explaining government performance for developing solar electricity market conference (718)
2014 Effects of organisation's dynamic capabilities on the duration of patent commercialisation: The case of Taiwan biotechnological industry conference (271)
2012 Why patents have lower citation on non-patent references?: A case study from Taiwan conference (807)
2010 Integrated methodologies for mapping and forecasting science and technology trends: A case of etching technology conference (1484)
2009 工業設計在創新中的角色之探討-以台灣資訊產業為例 conference
2009 Diffusion of Mobile Telephony in China: Driving Forces and Forecasting conference (1536)
2009 Interaction of Deregulation and Network Externalities in an Accelerated Diffusion of Mobile Telephony conference (618)
2008 數位典藏商業化模式之探討—文獻回顧與命題發展 conference
2008 Innovation and Communication Behavior of Firms Within Regional Innovation Systems: the Case of Taichung’s Machine Tool Industry in Taiwan conference
2008 數位典藏商業化之法律面的探討 conference
2008 數位典藏廠商之營運模式的個案研究 conference
2008 Innovation Diffusion: Adoption of Mobile Telephony in China conference
2008 Forecasting the Diffusion of Mobile Communications: the Case Study in Taiwan conference
2008 Diffusion of Mobile Communications: A Taiwanese Case study conference
2007-12 新興有機產業的創業管理之研究 conference
2007-12 國資訊電子業綠色專案團隊的組織方式與知識管理之研究 conference
2007-12 我國電信業者開發內容服務產品之研究—以行動音樂商品為例 conference
2007-11 Model Comparisons of the Diffusion of Mobile Communications: A Taiwanese Case Study conference
2006-12 我國數位典藏領域發展與商業化之研究—產學合作的觀點 conference
2006-12 我國OEM/ODM轉自有品牌廠商建構行銷通路之研究-以BenQ為例 conference