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2010-04 生活脈絡裡的深層把玩與創意 conference
2010-01 著作權的隱喻競爭 conference
2009-09 親子溝通與網路使用之相關研究 conference
2008-12 從使用端分析數位典藏桃花源入口:理論建構、網站盤點與使用者研究 conference
2008-12 從現有想望未來的創新之路:隱喻搭配生活脈絡的研究取徑 conference
2007-12 數位典藏的傳佈播劃─以資訊取用為初始 conference
2001-07 Oxymoron in pictures conference
2001-05 Surveying the digital future: A look at Internet influences in Taiwan conference
2001-04 An audience analysis of pictorial metaphor in advertisements conference
2001-01 網際網路在社會危機情中的傳播功能:網站經驗分析 conference
2000-12 政治新聞裡的隱喻:認知與哲學的研究取徑 conference
2000-09 網際網路在社會危機中的功能:網友調查研究 conference
2000-06 隱喻框架:台灣政治新聞理的路途隱喻 conference (533)
1999-06 廣告圖像隱喻的構圖原則:一個認知取徑的分析 conference (590)
1999-06 媒介全球化的過往、現狀與趨勢 conference
1999-03 傳播教學資料庫規劃 conference
1998-05 Media globalization: The past, present and the future conference
1991 Metaphor and the media: What shapes public understanding of the "war" against drugs? conference
1991 The campaign: Information processing and its role in the 1988 election conference
1990 Media and voting model : Perspectives from mass communication research conference
1990 Cognitive and affective basis of voting conference
1990 Who votes, and for what? Media influences on issue voting in 1984 election campaign. conference
1989 To know is to what? Media influences on knowing and feeling in the 1988 election campaign conference
1989 Knowing, feeling, and voting in the 1988 presidential election conference
1989 For what do they vote? conference