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2020-11 Othering and stigmatization in times of the COVID-19 outbreak: An exploratory conceptual framework conference (89)
2019-11 Triangles in Health Risk Communication conference (40)
2019-06 《人民日報》霧霾新聞框架建構(2011-2017) conference (62)
2018-01 Risk perception, human values, issue communication and behavioral intention for air pollution prevention and control among Taiwanese adults conference
2014-06 新興環境議題的媒體建構:以替代能源的新聞報導為例 conference (24)
2011-12 台灣氣候變遷新聞報導的特色與問題(2006-2010) conference
2011-07 科技風險與全球暖化報導品質分析 conference (687)
2011-07 A struggle between globalizing and localizing climate change coverage: Reporting 2009 Copenhagen Summit in Taiwan conference
2011-03 環境風險的認知與溝通:以全球暖化議題的情境公眾為例 conference
2010-01 基因改造食品的新聞框架分析 conference (652)
2010-01 台灣全球暖化風險溝通的公眾認知 conference
2009-10-16 風險社會概念下的風險溝通與網路傳播:以全球暖化議題為例 conference (2054)
2009-10-16 風險社會概念下的風險溝通與網路傳播:以全球暖化議題為例 conference (592)
2009-05 Knowledge, risk perceptions, and behavioral Intentions for AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis B among young adults in Taiwan conference
2008-12 Food risk and crisis communication in Taiwan: Cases of dioxin contamination conference
2008-12 是減害還是加害?愛滋新聞論述中的毒癮者框架 conference
2008-11 Risk communication strategies in the dioxin crises in Taiwan conference
2008-09 疾病的生物醫學真實Vs.社會/文化真實:以憂鬱症的新聞再現為例 conference
2008-09 食品受戴奧辛污染事件的新聞建構 conference
2008-07 Evaluating the news coverage of dioxin-related risks in Taiwan: Quality and barriers conference
2008-07 Establishing an evaluative scheme for public health campaigns: A case of women and HIV/AIDS in Taiwan conference
2008 Reporting an Emerging Epidemic in Taiwan: Journalists' Experiences of SARS Coverage conference (1202)
2007-06 Lay discourse of body, health, and medical use in a coexistent culture of Chinese and Western medicine: A challenge to the elitist-based medical correctness in Taiwan conference
2006-11 Mediated discourse of traditional Chinese and folk medicine during the 2003 SARS crisis in Taiwan conference
2006-06 What matters and changes in condom use? Public perceptions and practices before and after the 2004 HIV/AIDS campaign in Taiwan conference (710)