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2020-05 社區領導人使用新科技尋求防災資訊之初探研究 conference (20)
2019-03 Exploring regional influence on people’s media usage and the risk perception and preparedness: Taiwan as an example conference
2018-11 Who will prepare for the next disaster? Evidence from affected communities in The Kaohsiung Blast conference
2018-01 I care, I share, and I prepare? Explore the relationships between media usage and the risk perception and preparedness conference
2017 “What should we do?” The after-action review of village heads’ information-seeking and decision-making during the unprecedented Kaohsiung Blast article (241)
2017 What should we do? The after-action review of village heads' information seeking and decision making during the unprecedented Kaohsiung blast article (111)
2013.10 The emergence of “star disaster-affected areas” and its implications to disaster and communication interdisciplinary studies: A Taiwan example from Typhoon Morakot article (1422)
2012.12 獨自療傷的記者?從社會支持取徑檢視記者創傷壓力的調適 article (565)
2012-12 獨自療傷的記者?從社會支持取徑檢視記者創傷壓力的調適 article (637)
2012 災難情境下浮現的媒體 report (443)
2012 創傷與新聞:一個台灣新聞學術與實務長期忽略的議題 report (630)(360)
2011-07 The closer the relationship, the more the interaction on Facebook? Investigating the case of Taiwan users/ Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking article (1264)
2011 災難情境下浮現的媒體 report (687)
2011 創傷與新聞:一個台灣新聞學術與實務長期忽略的議題 report (642)
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010 太麻里溪流域原住民部落之災難認知、遷村與重建---一個參與式的災難民族誌研究---子計畫:知識就是力量---太麻里溪流域原住民部落防救災資訊設計、識讀與防救災頻道建置計畫---多元行動者觀點(I) report (406)
2010 The More Intimacy; the More Interaction on Social Networking Sites? Take Taiwan Facebook Users as an Example conference
2010 The role of the Internet on Taiwan’s civil movements: its contributions and side effects conference
2009-07 新聞記者採訪報導受害者應面對的新聞倫理:多元觀點的辯證 article (655)
2009-07 新聞記者採訪報導受害者應面對的新聞倫理:多元觀點的論證 article (1976)
2009 數位典藏與數位學習之學術與社會應用推廣」總計畫---「數位典藏與數位學習之學術與社會應用推廣」之人文與社會發展子計畫 report (786)
2009 初探台灣電視媒體追求創傷新聞的後果---從競爭意涵、記者創傷壓力與閱聽人閱聽感受談起 report (979)
2009 行動內容製作原則的實驗:以影音新聞為例 conference
2009 多頻道媒介情境中,「言論集中化」定義與影響的重訪:以2008總統大選選民媒介使用為例 conference
2008-06 媒體經營權轉換對員工勞資關係氣氛、工作滿足與組織承諾影響之初探--以某電視公司為例 article (1095)