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2020-05 社區領導人使用新科技尋求防災資訊之初探研究 conference (24)
2019-03 Exploring regional influence on people’s media usage and the risk perception and preparedness: Taiwan as an example conference
2018-11 Who will prepare for the next disaster? Evidence from affected communities in The Kaohsiung Blast conference
2018-01 I care, I share, and I prepare? Explore the relationships between media usage and the risk perception and preparedness conference
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010 The More Intimacy; the More Interaction on Social Networking Sites? Take Taiwan Facebook Users as an Example conference
2010 The role of the Internet on Taiwan’s civil movements: its contributions and side effects conference
2009 行動內容製作原則的實驗:以影音新聞為例 conference
2009 多頻道媒介情境中,「言論集中化」定義與影響的重訪:以2008總統大選選民媒介使用為例 conference
2008-06 What Chinese bloggers blog - examining the top 100 weblogs in China conference
2008 Deontology or teleology? An ethical analysis of first-person-account journalists' moral reasoning of victim coverage conference
2008 The weblogs talk —examining the top 100 weblogs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China through computer-aided content analysis and network analysis," IAMCR 2008 conference
2007-05 Staging on the Internet: Research on online photo album users in Taiwan with the Spectacle/Performance Paradigm (SPP) conference
2007 新聞影像的先禮、理,後力、利 conference
2007 Privacy or performance matters on the Internet: Revisiting privacy toward a situational paradigm? conference
2006-09 Uses and gratification or addiction: Research on online photo album users in Taiwan conference
2006-07 數位化媒體教育課程實驗初探與省思:以中正大學中正e報為例 conference