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2017 “What should we do?” The after-action review of village heads’ information-seeking and decision-making during the unprecedented Kaohsiung Blast article (245)
2017 What should we do? The after-action review of village heads' information seeking and decision making during the unprecedented Kaohsiung blast article (116)
2013.10 The emergence of “star disaster-affected areas” and its implications to disaster and communication interdisciplinary studies: A Taiwan example from Typhoon Morakot article (1424)
2012.12 獨自療傷的記者?從社會支持取徑檢視記者創傷壓力的調適 article (566)
2012-12 獨自療傷的記者?從社會支持取徑檢視記者創傷壓力的調適 article (638)
2011-07 The closer the relationship, the more the interaction on Facebook? Investigating the case of Taiwan users/ Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking article (1265)
2009-07 新聞記者採訪報導受害者應面對的新聞倫理:多元觀點的辯證 article (656)
2009-07 新聞記者採訪報導受害者應面對的新聞倫理:多元觀點的論證 article (1977)
2008-06 媒體經營權轉換對員工勞資關係氣氛、工作滿足與組織承諾影響之初探--以某電視公司為例 article (1097)
2008-06 媒體經營權轉換對員工勞資關係氣氛、工作滿足與組織承諾影響之初探 --以某電視公司為例 article (716)
2007-08 Staging on the Internet: Research on online photo album users in Taiwan with the Spectacle/Performance Paradigm (SPP) article
2007-06 數位化媒體教育課程實驗初探與省思:以某大學實習媒體為例 article (1184)
2007-06 全民媒體浪潮下傳播科系學生與課程的因應:回應陳順孝與陶振超老師 article (755)
2007 新世代新語言-網路語言的興起 article (742)
2006-10 尋找一把共通刻度的倫理量尺(書評) article (958)
2006-10 Privacy concerns, privacy practices and web site categories: Toward a situational paradigm article (678)
2004-08 3-G wireless auctions as an economic barrier to entry: the western european experience article (1035)
2003-06 Taking sides: Analyzing news of the US September 11 incident in the Chinese and Taiwanese press article (670)