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2020-08 信心與失落:前現代西方的「歷史 」敘事 article (96)
2014-11 The Materiality and the Perception of the Representations of the Sacred. Review of Apostolic Iconography and Florentine Confraternities in the Age of Reform and The Spiritual Senses: Perceiving God in Western Christianity article (237)
2009.06 Salvation through a Literary Education: Biblical Interpretation and the Trivium in Piers Plowman article (1132)
2009 Amoret's Sacred Suffering: The Protestant Modification of Courtly Love in Spenser's The Faerie Queene article (1683)
2007-09 [評李奭學著]《中國晚明與歐洲文學──明末耶穌會古典型證道故事詮》 article (948)
2006-06 The Relation of Biblical Interpretation to the Studies of Other Arts: the Synthesis of Philosophical Theological and Mystical Languages in Bonaventure's The Reduction of Arts to Theology article (1866)
2001 Henry Willobie article (1405)