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2018-09 A Passage from Adam’s Dream to the Cessation of Desire: A Buddhist Reading of John Keats’s ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ article (228)
2017-06 The Poetics and Politics of Un/translatability in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s New Anatomies.” book/chapter (361)
2016 艾略特作品中異鄉人之衍譯 report (141)
2014-12 Diasporas on the Move: Lines of Flight in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s Good book/chapter (329)
2014-07 The White Women Abroad: Complicity or Resistance book/chapter (1201)
2013.09 渥坦貝克劇作中之逃逸路線:性別/文本權術策略(II─II) report (1040)
2013.06 渥坦貝克《解剖新義》中的激情游牧者 article (502)
2013-01 T.S. Eliot book/chapter (276)
2013 艾略特在歐洲:文化位移,遭逢,與迻譯 report (272)
2012.1 T.S. Eliot''s Virtual Europe: The Flaneur and the Textual Flanerie article (1323)
2012.06 Towards a Minor Theatre: The Task of the Playmaker in Our Country’s Good article (949)
2012-06 邁向少數劇場:《吾國吾民》中造戲者之任務 article (247)
2011.08 The Waste Land and the Virtual City book/chapter (1185)
2011.04 Revisiting the Flaneur in T.S. Eliot's Eeldrop and Appleplex—I article (971)
2011-09 The Development of T.S. Eliot’s Style from Poetry to Poetic Drama: Dialogism, Carnivalization, and Music book/chapter (260)
2011-04 Revisiting the Flâneur in T. S. Eliot's 'Eeldrop and Appleplex - I' article (316)
2011 渥坦貝克劇作中之逃逸路線:性別/文本權術策略(III-I) report (1187)
2010-12 廿世紀英國文學研究(英國篇): 1950-2000 book/chapter (124)
2010 二十世紀英國文學硏究在台灣. 1950-2000, 英國篇 book/chapter (263)
2009.09 Rhapsody on a City of Dreadful Night: The Flaneur and Urban Spectacle article (870)
2009.05 The Waste Land Revisited: Urban Figuration, the World Demystified, and the Politics of Flânerie conference
2008.11 The Flâneur, the City and Virtual Public Life in T.S. Eliot’s Works conference
2008.1 身份認同之性別/文本權術策略:《解剖新義》中女性漫遊者之寰宇越界 conference
2008.09 He Do the Police in Different Voices: Becket Agonistes in Murder in the Cathedral conference
2008.08 Substitutes for Religion in Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of St. Sebastian conference