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2009.05 The Waste Land Revisited: Urban Figuration, the World Demystified, and the Politics of Flânerie conference
2008.11 The Flâneur, the City and Virtual Public Life in T.S. Eliot’s Works conference
2008.1 身份認同之性別/文本權術策略:《解剖新義》中女性漫遊者之寰宇越界 conference
2008.09 He Do the Police in Different Voices: Becket Agonistes in Murder in the Cathedral conference
2008.08 Substitutes for Religion in Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of St. Sebastian conference
2008.05 The Return of the Flâneur in“Eeldrop and Appleplex—I” conference
2007-10 Sexual/Textual Politics of Identity: the Invisible Flaneuse in T.S. Eliot's "Eeldrop and Appleplex" conference
2007-09 The City of Dreadful Night: the Fl?neur and Urban Spectacle conference
2007-07 Translation/Adaptation Dramatic Text/Performance Text: The Matatheatrical Politics in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Our Country's Good conference
2006-03 The Return of the Flaneur in T.S. Eliot's Rhapsody on a Windy Night conference
2000 二十世紀英國文學研究在台灣:理論旅行、西化影響、本土轉向 conference
1999.08 〈艾略特的《三智士朝聖行》中的末世論觀︰語言、文本、與後現代主義寫作模式〉 conference
1999 The Carnivalistic Parody in T.S. Eliots The Love Song of St. Sebastian: A Meta-dialogics of Painting and Poetry conference
1998 艾略特的《聖賽巴斯丁之戀歌》中的狂歡戲擬︰詩與繪畫之後設對話 conference
1998 What the Thunder Said: An Unfinalizing Dialogue of The Waste Land conference
1998 艾略特的《聖賽巴斯丁之戀歌》中的狂歡戲擬︰詩與繪畫之後設對話 conference
1997 The Socratic Dialogue on Martyrdom & Love in T.S Eliot's Religious Verse: the Eliotic Woman & New Poetic Drama conference
1995 《哭泣的女孩》:多重聲音結構 conference