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2018-06 The neurophysiological basis of the discrepancy between objective and subjective sleep during the sleep onset period: an EEG-fMRI study article (315)
2018-05 Vascular-metabolic and GABAergic Inhibitory Correlates of Neural Variability Modulation. A Combined fMRI and PET Study article (244)
2018-02 Abnormal Resting-State Connectivity in a Substantia Nigra-Related Striato-Thalamo-Cortical Network in a Large Sample of First-Episode Drug-Naïve Patients With Schizophrenia. article (609)
2018 Strong Circadian Rhythms in the Choroid Plexus: Implications for Sleep-Independent Brain Metabolite Clearance article (295)
2017-12 The neurophysiological basis of sleep perception during sleep onset period article (306)
2017-12 Switching to the Rubber Hand article (264)
2017-10 Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is impaired in schizophrenia: A pilot study article (501)
2017-01 Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is impaired in schizophrenia: A pilot study article (326)
2017 Timing disownership experiences in the rubber hand illusion article (295)
2017 Rationality and its Contexts book/chapter (508)
2017 Chapter 1 - Rationality and its Contexts article (387)
2017 Chapter 7 - Is Depressive Rumination Rational? article (366)
2016 The Trajectory of Self article (252)
2012.06 Toward an explanatory framework for mental ownership article (784)
2011-10 Action-Induced Rubber Hand Illusion article (1215)
2011-02 Self-consciousness and immunity article (771)
2010-09 The Ethics of False Belief article (146)
2010-09 Issues at the Intersection of Ethics, Evolution, and Neuroscience article (198)
2010-07 Mental ownership and higher-order thought: Response to Rosenthal article (483)
2008-07 Pain Without Power article (1247)
2008 Higher-Order Thought and the Problem of Radical Confabulation article (590)
2001-07 Embodied Rationalism: A Critique of Embodied Cognitive Science article
1999-12 為密勒坎(Millikan)的目的論語意學辯護 article (413)
1999-01 Probation for the Propositional Attitudes article
1998-01 Quiet Qualia, Unsensed Sensa article