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2019-09 May and Can Constructions in Spoken Corpus: A Constructionist Approach conference
2019-08 ECONOMY metaphors in political discourse conference
2019-08 Playful Metaphors in Hakka Jokes and Pragmatic-Cultural Implications conference
2019-06 Metaphor scenarios and framing strategies in political discourse in Taiwan on the concept of democracy conference
2019-06 Play on Words in Hakka Jokes and Pragmatic-Cultural Implications conference
2019-05 Metaphor structures and profiling strategies in political discourse on the concept of democracy conference
2018-12 The Functions of Must-constructions in Spoken Corpus: A Constructionist Perspective conference
2017-11 Near Synonymous Body-Part Terms in Chinese: A Corpus-Based Study conference (158)
2017-08 Character distributions of classical Chinese literary texts: Zipf’s law, genres, and epochs conference (177)
2016 以數位人文工具量測共現強度:「客家」詞彙語意未決之分析 conference (422)
2016 台灣華語身體部位詞詞彙結構與語意表現–以臉/面、眼/目、嘴/口為例 conference (404)
2016 「臺灣客語口語語料庫」之建置、典藏與應用 conference (343)
2015-12 Hakka symbolic code : An analysis of its innovative development in Taiwan newspapers conference (539)
2015-10 The Syntactic and Semantic Analysis of Hěn X Constructions in Spoken Corpora conference (382)
2012 Semantic distributions of the color terms, black and white in Taiwanese languages conference (656)
2011-12 The effects of EFL learners' awareness and retention in learning metaphoric and metonymic expressions conference (684)
2011 Logical information processing of possibility and negation: Cases from Taiwanese Hakka conference (761)
2009.07 Interaction of aspect and construction: Evidence from the ted4 construction in Hakka conference
2009.05 The NCCU Corpus of Spoken Chinese: Hakka Corpus conference
2008.11 Hakka Corpus: Construction and Application (客語語料庫的建構及應用) conference
2008.09 Causative constructions with or without causative markers: Cases from Hakka conference
2008.09 The implicit object construction in Hakka: Interaction between structure, meaning, and discourse conference
2008.07 Argument realization in the family of potential constructions in Hakka conference
2008.07 Putting' and 'Removing' in Hakka: Argument structure, constructions, and information management conference
2007-07 The family of Hakka idiomatic gin2 X gin2 Y constructions: Paratactic constructions with subordinate meanings conference