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2019-11 Chinese Numeral Classifiers Engage Quantity Processing: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Studies conference (114)
2019-11 證立台灣閩南語問句的二元分類 conference (107)
2019-07 Justifying a Two-way Distinction of Questions in Taiwanese Southern Min conference (84)
2018-12 台灣的語言價值觀與其在華語教學中的地位 conference (143)
2018-11 On Tag Questions in Chinese: From the Perspective of Confirmation versus Information Questions conference
2018-08 Multiplicational View on Classifiers and Measure Words: Evidence from Mandarin-Speaking Children’s Spontaneous Speech conference (103)
2013.11 Unification of numeral classifiers and plural markers: Empirical facts and implications conference (706)
2009/1/1 Unifying the Long Passive and the Short Passive in Chinese: Evidence from Corpus conference
2008/9/1 從多元族群語言看外省族群的母語與台灣華語 conference
2008/3/1 絕滅與新生:從多語言文化看外省族群的母語與國語 conference
2008/12/1 語言與族群認同:台灣外省族群的母語與台灣華語 conference
2007/9/1 Grammatical representation of idioms in LFG conference
2007/1/1 Globalization of regional academic journals: A case study of three linguistics journals published in Taiwan conference
2006-07 Linking agentive objects in Mandarin Chinese conference (1483)
2005-07 Argument-function mismatches in Mandarin Chinese: A lexical mapping account conference (2035)
2004/3/1 「全球化」或「在地化」:從新經濟的角度看台灣的拼音問題 conference
2004-05 Driving towards simplicity: in (partial) defense of the armchair linguist. Presented conference
2002/12/1 Machine translation systems and language-related teaching conference
2000 Lexical mapping in Chinese inversion constructions conference
1998-06 Lexical mapping in Chinese inversion constructions conference
1996 Interaction of Thematic Structure and Syntactic Structure: Mandarin Dative Alternations conference