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2018-03 Exploring Genre Pedagogy of Learning Transfer in L2 Writing article (170)
2014-05 國內一貫道學位論文的綜合回顧 article (147)
2014-02 Incorporating Service Learning with EFL Academic Writing: Experience Transfer for Invention article (124)
2012-03 Incorporating service learning with EFL academic writing: Experience transfer for invention. article (271)
2011-12 Power perceptions and negotiations in a cross-national email writing activity article (812)
2011 Issues and Negotiations of Taiwanese Students' Email Communication: Implications for Teaching Online L2 Writing article (640)
2010.05 《唐律疏議‧名例律》「天」與「刑」關係之探析-兼論經學與律學的交涉 article (765)
2009-06 Confucians Love to Argue: Policy Essays in Ancient China article (925)
2008-06 Taiwanese students' negotiations with academic writing: Becoming “playwrights and film directors” article (716)
2008 Negotiating into Academic Discourses: Taiwanese and U.S. College Students in Research Writing article (707)