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2018 Bibliometrics-based evaluation of the Blockchain research trend: 2008-March 2017 article (202)
2017-05-13 應用類神經網路於 P2P 借貸還款狀況預測之研究——以 Lending Club 為例 conference (356)
2017-05-13 應用主題探勘與標籤聚合於標籤推薦之研究 conference (290)
2016-12 A research growth study in big data field conference (261)
2016 A bibliometric analysis on data mining using Bradford’s law conference (243)
2016 A bibliometric analysis on data mining and big data article (542)
2013 HR Professionalism in the Computing Environment: Predicting Job Performance within Different HR Roles article (507)
2011-12 我國電子金流之發展架構與前瞻 article (507)
2011-06 A Bibliometric Study of Financial Risk Literature : A historic Approach article (813)
2011-06 以納稅人為核心之雲端整合全方位賦稅再造創新服務之探討 article (689)
2011 Virtual Personalized Learning Environment (VPLE) on the Cloud book/chapter (805)
2011 Antecedent of HR competencies and job performance: Required IT competencies for HR Professional in digital era conference (722)
2010-12 應用文件分群與文字探勘技術於機器學習領域趨勢分析以SSCI資料庫為例 article (4437)
2010-04 A scientific assessment of home networking research trends article (901)
2010-04 Assessment of home networking research trends, 1981-2009 article (657)
2010-02 Analysis of knowledge management trend by bibliometric approach article (654)
2010-01 利他行為五階段之代理人基模型研究 article (873)
2010 The literature review of technology acceptance model: A study of the bibliometric distributions conference (543)
2010 A trend study of healthcare by bibliometrics approach conference (1269)
2010 Workload evaluation and analysis on virtual systems conference (771)
2010 A study on the productivity review for Pneumonology related publications article (588)
2010 An Empirical Investigation of research productivity on text mining - in bibliometrics view article (584)
2010 A productivity review study on TRA and TAM literature using bibliometric methodology conference (667)
2010 A study of customer relationship management trend through bibliometric methodology based on SSCI database from 1989 to 2009 conference (516)
2010 A scientific assessment of home networking research trends conference