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2019-07 The Cramming, Softening and Integrating Learning Algorithm for Real Input/Binary Output Problems conference
2019-06 The Sequentially-Learning-Based Algorithm with Multiple Output Nodes in Futures Forecast conference (100)
2016-10 Outlier detection in the concept drifting environment conference (426)
2015-08 Challenges deploying complex technologies in a traditional organization conference (714)
2015 Network-traffic anomaly detection with incremental majority learning conference (295)
2014-09 Resistant learning on the envelope bulk for identifying anomalous patterns conference (685)
2014 Applying design science research to innovations at ICT-enabled service conference (355)
2013 Clustering iOS executable using self-organizing maps conference (690)
2013 Quantitative analysis of cloud-based streaming services conference (645)
2012 The prediction approach with Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map conference (632)
2011 The Topic Analysis of Hospice Care Research Using Co-word Analysis and GHSOM conference (684)
2009-06 The Rule-Extraction through the Preimage Analysis conference
2009-06 Knowledge-internalization process for neural-networks practitioners conference (983)
2007 Gaps between the Safeguard of Physical Information Assets and Their Digital Counterparts of a Business Process conference
2007 A Constructive Learning Procedure conference (330)
2006 Extracting Rules/Features and Updating Prior Belief through Three-Layer Feed-forward Neural Networks conference
2005 A User-friendly Adaptive Dynamic Financial Analysis System conference
2005 A GUI Guided Modeling Language Approach to the User-friendly Adaptive Dynamic Financial Analysis System conference
2004 The Business Process Investigation in the Perspective of Customer Value conference
2004 The Layered Feed-forward Neural Networks and Its Rule Extraction conference
2003 A Face-Point Based Algorithm for Linear Programming Problems conference
2002 The Management of Chaotic Time-Series Data conference
2001 Decision Support System with embedded Back Propagation Neural Networks for handling the Chaotic Environment conference
2001 A deterministic way of guaranteeing a globally optimal learning result conference
2000 The Deterministic Evolutionary Learning Algorithm conference