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2018-07 Quantitative quality estimation of cloud-based streaming services article (258)
2018-03 The Use of Big Data Analytics to Predict the Foreign Exchange Rate based on Public Media: A Machine-Learning Experiment article (360)
2017 Tripbaa-Online Sharing Travel Platform article (346)
2016-02 Measurement development of service quality for museum websites displaying artifacts book/chapter (295)
2016-02 Managing innovation and cultural management in the digital era: The case of the National Palace Museum book/chapter (355)
2015-01 The Power of One Sentient Being: The Computer Simulation of a Bodhisattva’s Altruism Using Agent-based Modelling article (311)
2015 Challenges of deploying complex technologies in a traditional organization - the case of National Palace Museum article (315)
2014.07 Topological pattern discovery and feature extraction for fraudulent financial reporting article (1231)
2014-11 National Palace Museum and Service Innovation article (945)(621)
2013.06 An Abductive-Reasoning Guide for Finance Practitioners article (1412)
2013.04 適用於博物館的資通訊化服務設計─以故宮iPalace 頻道為例 article (553)
2012-12 博物館Facebook粉絲專頁行銷成效探究 article (1173)
2011-09 Unsupervised Neural Networks Approach for Understanding Fraudulent Financial Reporting article (990)
2011-06 A systematic design for coping with model risk article (1006)
2011 The Research of Multi-Layer Topic Map Analysis using Co-word Analysis with Growing Hierarchical Self-organizing Map article (440)
2010.05 A Resistant Learning Procedure for Coping with Outliers article (944)
2010-12 An Investigation of Research on Evolution of Altruism using Informetric Methods and the Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map article (502)
2010-01 A Guide for the Upper Bound on the Number of Continuous-Valued Hidden Nodes of a Feed-Forward Network article (969)
2010-01 利他行為五階段之代理人基模型研究 article (862)
2009-06 零售量販業者企業流程的重現與評估 article (560)
2009-06 個案教學之配套措施 article (537)
2009 Exploring Fraudulent Financial Reporting with GHSOM article (815)
2008-06 Quanto EIA的評價:蒙地卡羅法 article (1114)
2008 Safeguard Gaps and their Managerial Issues article (938)