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2019-09 An Efficient Message Collecting and Dissemination Approach for Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing conference (19)
2019-01 CAR: The Clean Air Routing Algorithm for Path Navigation With Minimal PM2.5 Exposure on the Move article (12)
2018-11 Chap 6: Big Data and Fintech book (83)
2018-09 Short-Term PM2.5 Forecasting Using Exponential Smoothing Method: A Comparative Analysis article (102)
2018 Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of PM2.5 Forecast Service Using Cluster-Based Hybrid Neural Network Model article (287)
2018 Motivating Content Sharing and Trustworthiness in Mobile Social Networks article (222)
2017-07 WaterChat: A Group Chat Application Based on Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks article (167)
2016-09 Step in and out of the Dreams: Toward an Immersive and Interactive Virtual Experience of Dreams conference (202)
2016-09 Step in and out of the dreams: Toward an immersive and interactive virtual experience of dreams conference (342)
2016-05 U-art: Your art and ubiquitous art conference (495)
2016-05 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (366)
2016 Collaborative networkcoding in opportunisticmobile social network conference (374)
2016 A Social Behavior Based Interest-Message Dissemination Approach in Delay Tolerant Networks conference (257)
2016 Mobilizing Digital Museums book/chapter (374)
2016 Novel scheme for the distribution of flyers using a real movement model for DTNs book/chapter (253)
2016 Interactive performance using wearable devices: Technology and innovative applications book/chapter (218)
2015-12 行動金融服務的科技挑戰與未來想像 article (291)
2015-10 NCCU Trace: social-network-aware mobility trace article (555)
2015-08 Mobilizing Digital Museum with Chinese Digital Archive conference (409)
2015 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (442)
2015 結合社群平台之耐延遲網路,其散播興趣資訊的方法 report (236)
2013-11 Popularity spray and utility-based forwarding scheme with message priority scheduling in delay tolerant networks article (642)
2013 A location-based content search approach in hybrid Delay Tolerant Networks article (1071)
2013 故宮博物院的科技化服務創新-子計畫二:故宮文物數位典藏行動雲端應用技術之研究 report (342)
2013 適用於雲端環境下的動態資源服務 report (254)