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2021-02 Message Propagation in DTN Based on Virtual Contact of Behavior Model article (31)
2019-01 CAR: The Clean Air Routing Algorithm for Path Navigation With Minimal PM2.5 Exposure on the Move article (37)
2018-09 Short-Term PM2.5 Forecasting Using Exponential Smoothing Method: A Comparative Analysis article (127)
2018 Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of PM2.5 Forecast Service Using Cluster-Based Hybrid Neural Network Model article (375)
2018 Motivating Content Sharing and Trustworthiness in Mobile Social Networks article (325)
2017-07 WaterChat: A Group Chat Application Based on Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks article (192)
2015-12 行動金融服務的科技挑戰與未來想像 article (321)
2015-10 NCCU Trace: social-network-aware mobility trace article (621)
2013-11 Popularity spray and utility-based forwarding scheme with message priority scheduling in delay tolerant networks article (716)
2013 A location-based content search approach in hybrid Delay Tolerant Networks article (1137)
2009-12 A Study of English Mobile Learning Applications at National Chengchi University article (167)
2006-06 CAC and Packet Scheduling Using Token Bucket for IEEE 802.16 Networks article (524)
2006 Reducing Calibration Effort for WLAN Location and Tracking System using Segment Technique article (617)
2005 具收費彈性機制之網路品質管理 article (944)
2004-03 無線區域網路定位系統 article (2105)
2004-03 BBQ:All-IP網路上以預算為基礎之品質管理架構 article (2325)
2004-03 BBQ:A Qos Management Infrastructure for All-IP Network article
2001-06 Mobile Information Management System For Disastrous Earthquake Emergency article
2001 FET GSM Network Loop Checking and Network Planning System article
2000-12 Multihop Wireless IEEE 802-11 LANs:A Prototype Implementation article
1998 QoS routing in multihop packet radio environment article (910)
1996-01 A spread spectrum DS/CDMA channel fading simulation environment for mobile radio network systems article (866)
1995 A hierarchical simulation environment for mobile wireless networks article (653)