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2018-07 Evaluation of Student’s 3D Modeling Capability Based on Model Completeness and Usage Pattern in K-12 Classrooms conference (26)
2017-04 Feature descriptor based on local intensity order relations of pixel group conference (384)
2017-01 Evaluation of interactive data visualization tools based on gaze and mouse tracking conference (474)
2017-01 Identifying user profile using facebook photos conference (232)
2016-12 2.5D Stylized Application Using Anisotropic Reaction-diffusion conference (357)
2015 Estimation and evaluation of body language in a presentation scenario using RGBD data conference (427)
2014-08 Analysis of visual elements in logo design conference (819)
2013-12 A sharpness measure for image quality assessment using average effective number of neighbors conference (550)
2012 Commensurate dimensionality reduction for extended local ternary patterns conference (746)
2012 Incorporating fuzziness in extended local ternary patterns conference (521)
2011-11 Pedestrian detection using covariance descriptor and on-line learning conference (659)
2011-10 智慧型手機為媒介之行動傳播--行動社群網路行為研究 conference
2011 Analysis and Interpretation of e-Reader User Logs: A Case Study of High School Students' User Behaviors conference (844)
2011 HuayuNavi: A mobile chinese learning application based on intelligent character recognition conference (772)
2011 A service platform for logging and analyzing mobile user behaviors conference (768)
2011 Streaming audio classification in Smart Home environments conference (500)
2010-12 新的使用者體驗:以行動傳播為例 conference
2010-12 電腦視覺技術於情境感知互動便所之測試與應用 conference
2010 數位內容資訊承載平台開發─以低成本的多點觸控桌設計為例 conference
2010 Automatic generation of caricatures with multiple expressions using transformative approach conference (885)
2010 Robust pupil detection for gaze-based user interface conference (571)
2010 Texture classification using uniform extended local ternary patterns conference (667)
2010 Facilitating high school campus learning with e-book readers conference (615)
2010 Region Description Using Extended Local Ternary Patterns conference (501)