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Date▼ Title Type  Full Text Scopus WOS Altmetric
2017 Experimental Study on Extreme Learning Machine Applications for Speech Enhancement article (204)
2016-02 An Integrated Approach for Multilingual Scene Text Detection article (246)
2014-12 Logging and analyzing long-term mobile user behavior article (901)
2014 A Lightweight Feature Descriptor Using Directional Edge Maps article (168)
2012-06 Mobile Tour Planning Using Landmark Photo Matching and Intelligent Character Recognition article (1336)
2010 IWakeUp: A video-based alarm clock for smart bedrooms article (946)
2008 P-40: Color Bias Elimination Technique for Motion Image article (836)(1073)
1998-12 Cooperative matching paradigm for the analysis of stereo image sequences article (742)
1998 Nonrigid Motion Analysis: Articulated and Elastic Motion article (557)
1997-02 The reconstruction of dynamic 3D structure of biological objects using stereo microscope images article (759)
1995 Analysis of Left Ventricular Motion article (936)