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2020-12 User-Managed Access Delegation for Blockchain-driven IoT Services conference (17)
2020-09 A Wearable Appliance for Jogging Stride Frequency Calibration using Vibration Feedback conference (74)
2020-09 Design Patterns for Blockchain-assisted Accountable Data Dissemination between IoT Devices and Edge Server conference (45)
2020-07 地籍區塊鏈平台上的土地變遷歷史追蹤機制 conference (90)
2020-07 具備跨異質網路能力的零組態物聯網服務管理機制 conference (89)
2020-07 初探基於 CQRS 與 Event Sourcing 智能合約稽核機制設計 conference (65)
2019-07 基於Web Thing Model之mDNS/DNS-SD服務描述機制 conference (88)
2019-07 A CWMP-compatible Multitenant Deployment Platform for Smart Appliances based on Blockchain conference (81)
2019-07 區塊鏈輕節點物聯網裝置與邊界伺服器的感測資料匯集設計樣式 conference (142)
2019-04 Modularizing Cross-cutting Concerns with Aspect-Oriented Extensions for Solidity conference (89)
2017-11 Toward a Service Platform for Developing Smart Contracts on Blockchain in BDD and TDD styles conference
2017-03 A Formal Model for Robust Spatial-Aware Service Management in IoT-Enriched Smart Home conference (409)
2017-03 On Findability Issues of Constrained Web of Things in a Smart Home Environment conference (327)
2016-12 A functional reactive DSL service facility for mixed-reality interactive performance art conference (394)
2016-09 Step in and out of the dreams: Toward an immersive and interactive virtual experience of dreams conference (342)
2016-05 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (365)
2016-04 Wise: A Wearable Platform for Performer-Guided Mixed-Reality Interactive Performance Art conference (331)
2015-10 Context and Data Management for Multitenant Enterprise Applications in SaaS Environments: A Middleware Approach conference (356)
2015-04 A platform for detecting height-level contexts from complex event streams in pervasive environment conference (375)
2015-01 A Platform for Detecting High-Level Contexts from Complex Event Streams in Pervasive Environment conference (299)
2015 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (442)
2014-10 Daily Health Assessment System Using Prediction Model for Self-rated Health by Vital Sign Pattern conference (682)
2014-09 A service framework for multi-tenant enterprise application in SaaS environments conference (733)
2014-04 A Rapid-Prototyping Platform for PDR-based Indoor Positioning System on Smart Phones conference (573)
2012-06 An Extensible Situation-aware Caring System for Real-world Smart Wards conference (324)