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2011-07 Toward Reliable Service Management in Message-Oriented Pervasive Systems article (485) 14 無資料
2017-09 ROSA: Resource-Oriented Service Management Schemes for Web of Things in a Smart Home article (190) 7 無資料
2015 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (449) 3 無資料
2015-03 Automatic Query Rewriting Schemes for Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications article (474) 3 無資料
2016-05 Future Circus: A Performer-Guided Mixed-reality Performance Art conference (401) 3 無資料
2015-03 Automatic query rewriting schemes for multitenant SaaS applications article (702) 3 無資料
2013-04 Message-Efficient Service Management Schemes for MOM-Based UPnP Networks article (426) 2 無資料
2011-12 Unifiable Preference Expressions for Pervasive Service Composition conference (336) 2 無資料
2018-06 Spatial-Aware Service Management in a Pervasive Environment article (379) 2 無資料
2016-04 Wise: A Wearable Platform for Performer-Guided Mixed-Reality Interactive Performance Art conference (340) 2 無資料
2018-10 Blockchain and IoT: A Software Architecture Perspective book/chapter (212) 1 無資料
2014-04 A Rapid-Prototyping Platform for PDR-based Indoor Positioning System on Smart Phones conference (624) 1 無資料
2019-09 A Service Platform for Streamlining the Production of Cyber-Physical Interactive Performance Art article (51) 1 無資料
2016-12 A functional reactive DSL service facility for mixed-reality interactive performance art conference (443) 0 無資料
2017-03 On Findability Issues of Constrained Web of Things in a Smart Home Environment conference (371) 0 無資料
2015-04 A platform for detecting height-level contexts from complex event streams in pervasive environment conference (422) 0 無資料
2012-06 An Extensible Situation-aware Caring System for Real-world Smart Wards conference (332) 0 無資料
2018-03 An Empirical Study on Engineering a Real-world Smart Ward using Pervasive Technologies article (624) 0 無資料
2015-10 Context and Data Management for Multitenant Enterprise Applications in SaaS Environments: A Middleware Approach conference (369) 0 無資料
2017-03 A Formal Model for Robust Spatial-Aware Service Management in IoT-Enriched Smart Home conference (466) 0 無資料
2016-09 Step in and out of the dreams: Toward an immersive and interactive virtual experience of dreams conference (352) 0 無資料
2014-10 Daily Health Assessment System Using Prediction Model for Self-rated Health by Vital Sign Pattern conference (741) 0 無資料
2015-01 A Platform for Detecting High-Level Contexts from Complex Event Streams in Pervasive Environment conference (311) 0 無資料
2019-11 A Fast and Low Cost Repetitive Movement Pattern Indicator for Massive Dementia Screening article (57) 0 無資料