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2016-10 New statistical analysis on marketing research with fuzzy data article (383)
2016-06 New statistical analysis in marketing research with fuzzy data article (361)
2016 Correlation with Fuzzy Data and Its Applications in the 12-Year Compulsory Education in Taiwan article (937)(306)
2016 Innovative Correlation Coefficient Measurement with Fuzzy Data article (277)
2015-11 模糊多元決策應用於家長選校策略之研究 article (361)
2015-06 Our Reasoning is Clearly Fuzzy, So Why Is Crisp Logic So Often Adequate? article (422)
2015-06 模糊多元決策應用於家長選校策略之研究 article (436)(743)
2015-04 Fuzzy Evaluation and Decision Making for Indigenous Physical Curriculum article (518)
2015-03 A Statistical Basis for Fuzzy Engineering Economics article (1640)(812)
2015-03 Fuzzy evaluation and decision making for indigenous physical curriculum article (278)
2015-01 Correlation Evaluation with Fuzzy Data and its Application in the Management Science book/chapter (971)
2015 一类模糊数据的相关系数研究 article (1148)
2014-09 A parametric assessment approach to solving facility-location problems with fuzzy demands article (1146)
2014-08 New statistical analysis on the marketing research and efficiency evaluation with fuzzy data article (200)
2014-07 Optimal decision methods in two-echelon logistic models article (370)
2014-07 New statistical analysis on the marketing research and efficiency evaluation with fuzzy data article (851)
2014 Using second-order probabilities to make maximum entropy approach to copulas more reasonable article (861)
2013.12 How to Distinguish True Dependence from Varying article (1071)
2013.04 Statistical Analysis with Soft Computation for Fuzzy Answering in Sampling Survey article (1083)(384)
2013-12 理性的判斷與感性的度量-從模糊統計的角度來探討試題難度 article (1015)
2013-11 Identifying the distribution difference between two populations of fuzzy data based on a nonparametric statistical method article (1091)
2013-09 Towards a Localized Version of Pearson's Correlation Coefficient article (352)
2013-06 Facility location problems with fuzzy demands based on parametric assessment conference (869)
2013-06 Model Construction and Residues Analysis with Fuzzy Time Series article (378)
2013-03 Risk assessment of a portfolio selection model based on a fuzzy statistical test article (1212)