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2013-06 Facility location problems with fuzzy demands based on parametric assessment conference (869)
2012 Decision making of a portfolio selection model based on fuzzy statistic test conference (841)
2011-09 A New Fuzzy Linear Programming Model and Its Applications conference (690)
2011-06 Statistic test on fuzzy portfolio selection model conference (674)
2009-12 Change periods detection for multivariate time series with fuzzy methods conference (950)
2009-12 Fuzzy Valuation in Real Options Analysis conference (864)
2007-12 Goodness-of-Fit Test with Fuzzy Data conference
2007-12 Fuzzy Sampling Survey with Nonparametric Tests conference
2007-05 智能計算在計量經濟分析之應用 conference
2007-03 Fuzzy Statistical Analysis and Estimation conference
2007 問卷調查與分析新技術:模糊統計量與智慧計算應用 conference
2006-06 Forecasting Technique with DNA Computing conference
2006-05 On Economic Forecasting with DNA Computing conference
2005 On the benefits of industrial network: A new approach with market survey and fuzzy statistical analysis conference (665)
2004-10 國防財力資源分配的評估機制與模式 conference
2004-10 國防財力資源分配評估機制與模式之研究 conference
2004-07 國防財力資源分配評估機制與模式之研究 conference
2004-07 國防財力資源分配評估機制與模式之研究 conference
2004-05 Somewhere in between – Fussy Statistical Analysis as a New Analytical Approach for Child Language Research (黑白一定要分明嗎?─ 模糊統計分析在兒童語言習得研究上的應用) conference
2004 Interval-valued and fuzzy-valued random variables: from computing sample variances to computing sample covariances conference (189)
2002 On multivariate fuzzy time series analysis and forecasting conference (167)
2000 Shadows of Fuzzy Sets-A natural Way to Describe 2-D and Mulyi-D Fuzzy Uncertainty in Linguistic Terms conference
2000 Chu spaces for uncertainty modeling and analysis conference
1999-06 模糊統計分析在選情預測之應用 conference
1999-06 模糊統計分析在選情預測之應用 conference